The Ukrainian Government Is Planning Their Escape

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th February, 2016


The rats are preparing to escape through underground tunnels that are dug under the buildings of the Parliament, Cabinet and Presidential Administration. Despite Poroshenko’s statement that “Putin’s Maidan” failed, officials still fear that a revolutionary “movement” could start and pave the way for a retreat.

Because of the events on the Maidan government agencies have enhanced security. They say that now the convoys in the higher ranks include more armed men in the Cabinet and on duty national guardsmen in the Presidential Administration, and snipers* sit on the roofs. Moreover, the inspection of underground tunnels and shelters. Just in case.

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“Now, even the convoys are reinforced with armed men. And in the back of the Cabinet and inside of the building – by armed national guardsmen on duty, I saw them from the windows of the committees in the Garden,” the Deputy from BPP told the media, Director of the “anti-government” tent city Sergey Kaplin. According to him, the authorities have also started checking the shelters and underpasses in the buildings of the Cabinet and PA. “There is a very extensive network of underground tunnels, after the revolution, I was interested in them. From the Cabinet up or you can go out and to the “Khreschatyk” metro station, and almost to the “Shulyavka” to walk,” says Kaplin.

According to the former MP Taras Chornovil, the weakest link in terms of protection is the Verkhovna Rada.

“Of course, there is an underground passage that leads to the committee gardens. Then there are transitions in the PA and the Cabinet, but I have never been there. But, for example, the windows do not even have bars, except the gate has solidified additional armored shutters that are hard to lift,” said Chornovil.

Ex-member of procedural Committee, Dmitry Shlemko, is convinced that all subways in the Rada are now reinforced.

“There is a very extensive network, the transitions are at a depth of 10-15 meters. The exits in the committees go to Sadovaya, three exits are in Shovkovychna and there is an exit on Hrushevskoho, right across from the Rada. Deputies are only allowed there, assistants — no. Parliament itself around the perimeter and all entrances is guarded by the national guard. The same applies to the Cabinet and PA,” says Shlemko. 

Underground tunnels in the government quarters are also short. Even after the Orange revolution, one of the former officials told the PA that when the protesters laid siege to the PA and the Cabinet, they went to work right through a nondescript door in one of the passages of the “Khreschatyk” metro station.

“Of course, in the buildings of the Cabinet and up there are underground tunnels. However, to get to one of them right from the subway is unlikely. Rather, the exit is somewhere in an obscure Institute or office nearby,” says Chornovil.

The President of the Ukrainian Association of operators in the security market, Sergey Shabovta, says that in order to protect government buildings several options are being developed.

“They have long existed and choosing the right option depends on the degree of the threat. The security service of Ukraine, state guard and the national guard are studying this. It’s good that the government security agency hasn’t seen a change of staff, unlike the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so there are still experts working there. The exits show that: in the center of the capital outcasts may appear in any doorway, and our police will be powerless,” said Shabovta. 

The fact that the authorities are preoccupied with the condition of the bunkers and secret doors in “Papa Carlo’s little room” speaks volumes. Due to these extreme measures, no one is sitting in the building on Grushevskogo and Bankova and not feeling confident and secure: Maidan-3 is expected in the spring, with large-scale social revolts.


* See this article here for a possible sighting of said Snipers.

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