Turkish-Saudi Ground Invasion in Syria Is “Welcomed” by Damascus & Allies

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Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ

19th February, 2016

by Elijah J.Magnier

There will be no cessation of fire, which the US and Russia had agreed upon, on multiple fronts, noting that the agreements’ time frame had passed this past week, it is expected that intense battles will continue in Idlib and its countryside, as well as in eastern Aleppo where ISIS’ hold sways in the midst of all this chatter about Turkeys intent to play a bigger role in the ongoing war in Syria, within a coalition that consists of the US and Saudi Arabia to stop the Kurds from reaching the Syrian/Turkish border. 

Al-Rai has come to know “The Turkish-Saudi intervention in Syria has been welcomed by Damascus and its allies, even though it’s unlikely to happen”.

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High ranking sources within the joints operation room in Aleppo, consisting of Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah have confirmed to Al-Rai “ The joint military intervention of Turkey/Saudi Arabia and its allies, under the pretext of fighting ISIS is welcomed, in this way we rid ourselves from this bloody, and takfiri group, ISIS is a conglomerate of armed militias that can’t be fought as easily as classical armies. It requires an immense military effort and will come at a high price of personnel loss, the guerrilla warfare that has now been perfected by SAA/NDF and their allies, will be a nightmare for Western/Arab armies if they decide to intervene in Syria, though it may be improbable, but not impossible”.

The source adds “Russia will not accept Arab armies entering Syria under US cover, they will veto any proposal in the UNSC, moreover it will be impossible for these forces to enter Syria without previous coordination with Russia, since it has full control over Syria’s air space and will attack any force that is not coordinating with it, which makes an intervention impossible unless it is okayed by the super powers”.

As for the ceasefire, the sources confirmed to Al-Rai, “The ceasefire agreement does not include Al-Nusra and ISIS. Principally, we welcome cease fires in areas not controlled by terrorists because we would have more time on our hands to deal with Northern Aleppo, and ISIS controlled areas in the eastern part of Aleppo, and to further our advance into Al-Raqqah”.

The source continues, “In Aleppo and its surrounding countryside, the battles are ongoing with groups that are not included in the ceasefire, especially that many Free Syrian army brigades and others that are supported by Turkey, such as the Nour al-Din al-Zenki movement, and Sultan Murad brigade, have pledged allegiance to Ahrar Al-Sham’s leader Hisham Al-Sheikh a.k.a Abi-Jabir Al-Sheikh, he has set his sights on establishing an Islamic State, and had sent his condolences when the leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar died, both hold on to the same dogma. He is also fighting alongside Jund Al-Aqsa, and Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar that pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda leader Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani, and other such groups consisting of Moroccans, Egyptians, and Palestinians and others from different nationalities, that operate in and around Aleppo, and in Idlib and its countryside. The war in Idlib will not stop because these groups are not included in the cease fire agreement”.

The source ends,“Damascus can benefit from the cease fire, others in the south of Syria can benefit as well, if all the takfiris are forced to retreat and agree not to intervene in the international decision making, this will help the regime, except that both Russia and the US need to coordinate between each other, to establish joint military committees, and also agree to identify the terrorist groups, which has not happened as of yet”.

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