Turkish shelling of northern Syria notwithstanding, the ceasefire is generally holding; information war still on

“Syrian Army Servicemen” 

Turkey has fired half a hundred shells into  northern regions of Syria*

TVCenter, February 29, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Despite some incidents, the cessation of hostilities in Syria is generally being respected said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 

One such incident occurred again on Monday. As Western media report, Turkey has bombed northern areas of Syria. In Ankara, they argued that they were striking ISIS.

Reports from the Syrian fronts are now scarcer than ever — government forces have completely regained control of the road to Aleppo, having beaten militants of the Islamic State, an organization banned in the RF. That’s all for the day. And this silence is the best proof that the truce is still holding in Syria. 

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It may be creaky and just for now, but the firing has stopped. Such a thing in this country is not remembered from the beginning of this war that has been going on for six years, “TV Center” reported.

“The heads of state, Russian and US presidents from the beginning stressed that the path to a sustainable ceasefire will not be easy, it may not be easy by definition, due to the complexity of the situation around Syria. At the same time it is important that an agreement has now been reached and major steps have been taken in accordance with the agreements; the process is a “go.” It was clear in advance that it was not going to be easy. However, we know the message of our military: ‘a truce has come into force,'” said Dmitry Peskov, the president’s press secretary.

The fact that the fire actually stopped, was confirmed by the German Foreign Ministry and NATO. Secretary General Stoltenberg said the alliance records a stop to the fighting, but with the caveat that some data about violations of the truce are still coming in. The same was said by the head of the French Foreign Ministry. Areas controlled by the moderate opposition are still getting bombed:
“We have received evidence about the attacks, including air strikes, in areas controlled by the moderate opposition. All of this, of course, is yet to be confirmed. In this regard, France has requested that a working group to monitor implementation of the cessation of hostilities, should be convened without delay,” said Jean-Mark Eyraud, France’s foreign affairs minister.

On day one of the truce the Russian Defense Ministry has recorded just ten cases of violation of the truce, but by the so-called “moderate” opposition. Strikes were made on residential neighborhoods of Damascus. Return fire was not opened, the ministry stressed. 

Of course, initially it was clear that there would be provocations, including informational ones. Hardly had the ceasefire begun when accusations came up that Russia and the official Damascus were violating it.

“Instead of trying to make Russia responsible for the fragility of the present ceasefire by unseemly means, it would be better, I repeat, for the participants of the anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States to rein in some of their wards so they adopt a more responsible attitude to the present moment “

*Presumably in Kurdish-held territory — tr.

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