Ukraine: used and discarded — Rodgers

“the Anglo-saxons always flush their puppets: Noriega, Pinochet, Bin Laden, Saddam, Mubarak…”

Alexander RODGERS,
In NewsFront, February 2, 2016

Where does it hurt, Yatsenyuk? 

«The USA is our best and most reliable ally in the struggle against Russia» ? Arrrgh.

1. Diplomacy. 
Kerry holds a meeting with Lavrov and comes to main-point agreement; Nuland agrees with Surkov on the fine points of flushing the Kiev junta — that same Nuland who was handing out cookies on the wild Maidan. And if two years back, it was “F*ck the EU,” today it’s F*ck the Ukraine.

2. Media. 
First off, some artistic sketches of Ukrainian terrorists on American TV screens, and now, a blockbuster documentary on one of the main French TV channels. To no avail the hysterics and pleas of the Ukrainian Embassy in France — the film was broadcast anyway. By the way, “Canal+” is broadcast not just in France, but in practically all French-speaking countries. 

Already for several days among all the Maidanisti there have been bitter bleatings and panic —  Maidanists turn away from truth like ghouls turn away from the sun, but dread of retribution with their wailing oozes out of all of them.

3. Finances. 
Kerry personally visited the IMF to ask them to stop consideration of granting Ukraine new credit in view of Ukraine’s disappointing lack of progress on reform.

About reforms, of course, bare excuse: it’s just that just the owners got tired of dealing with such miserable, incompetent, cowardly, lying and thieving slaves as the Kiev regime. Americans often had to deal with a variety of monsters, but hadn’t before met such as these.

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Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, recently explained “we had expected that the conflict in Ukraine would be completed by the fall, and now are not ready to provide assistance until the situation has stabilized.”

Especially against this background the statements of Poroshenko — that Kiev in the near future will need “more help on the order of 13-15 billion dollars” — seem absurd. Soros, by the way, has been saying a much larger sum is called for – about 50 billion.

What was it Yatsenyuk said, being in opposition? “Loans – evil”? Bggg. NBU reserves, among other things, have lately fallen to a miserable 8 billion.

Well, a little bit more, Yaresko, to Bloomberg broadcasting, as a bonus for you: “Ukraine is in a dire financial situation, we need help to balance the reserves of the Central Bank. Right now we call upon all our partners, the US, the countries of the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, the IMF, the World Bank with a request to help us in this very, very difficult time.”

There won’t be easy times for you monstrosities! Suffer, bitch! To speak it plain, evil must endure consequences.

We’ve been saying for two years now, the Anglo-saxons always flush their puppets: Noriega, Pinochet, Bin Laden, Saddam, Mubarak — lots of other examples.  But no, the idiot always thinks he can outsmart everybody. 

Total betrayal, and the long lasting tantrums of the flushed American slaves. How is it, to feel like so many used condoms?

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