Unthinkable Atrocities of Banderites, Which the Polish Will Never Forget (18+)

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th February, 2016


*Disclaimer: Do not scroll beyond this point if you do not wish to see upsetting and graphic artwork depicting torture*

Yesterday I was looking on the Internet for pictures that were appropriate to my enquiry. The search results on the all-knowing Google gave a lot of things, and brought me in the end to some Polish website. Albeit – I was shocked. Although it was hardly a surprise…

The Polish website had collected 362 different examples of torture and brutality used by the “heroes of Ukraine” in the early 40’s of the last century against the poles. Of course, all of these were used against the Russians, and in general against all who did not share the ideas of Bandera and refused to become an accomplice to the Nazi occupiers. But the Poles did a great job restoring the historical facts about the atrocities of the bad people from the UPA.

“There are no words to describe in just a few sentences the crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis against the poles in 1939-1947. The hatred that fuelled the killers, who would use such horrible methods to kill their victims, does not fit into human understanding. Below is the result of years of research by Alexander Korman, who described 362 method of physical and psychological torture inflicted by terrorists on the poles by the OUN and the UPA and other Ukrainian chauvinists during the Second world war and in the South-Eastern territories of the Second Polish Commonwealth,” writes the author. There were 39 methods of torture for small children alone…

I have difficulty with the Polish language. I have to use Google translate, judging by the translation result, the list looks like the original source. The atrocities can only be compared with the torture used by medieval inquisitors. Although, perhaps compared to Bandera, even monsters – inquisitors do not compare…

The illustrations tell more than words can. Those bad people who did all this are now regarded as heroes on an official level in Ukraine, be it wrongly. If we were in the place of the Polish in their relation with this Ukraine, which glorifies the Banderists, we wouldn’t even be able to imagine having any dealings with Ukrainians, except only one – restitution.

You know, I remember a report about a crucified boy from which current admirers of Bandera mock. By the way, everyone tries to refute this information. Although, the only evidence is the words of a woman. But looking at all this, I do not rule out that she was telling the truth…

The images below are not for the faint hearted.

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