US Scared Russia Will Surpass Them in Electronic Warfare

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th February, 2016


After the end of the cold war, the US stopped developing electronic warfare, and now, Washington should reconsider some areas of military strategy to successfully resist the Russian expertise in electronic warfare, writes the journal The National Interest.

Allied commander of NATO in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, highlighted two reasons why a gap was created between the electronic warfare potentials of Moscow and Washington. First, for the previous 20 years, Russia and the US were partners, and the Americans didn’t pay much attention to Russian developments.

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Secondly, in recent years, the US mainly fought against a rebellion, for example against the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, who did not have any significant means of electronic warfare, the military General emphasized. 

According to the commander of joint NATO forces in Europe, Washington has systems to restrict access and manoeuvres (A2/AD), but the mechanisms under the strategy are not fully developed by the American armed forces.

“We have electronic warfare equipment, but probably not in the capacity that we now need”, — said Breedlove.

Russia has watched the U.S. military since the first Gulf war and learned a lot — Moscow invested in the means to expose weaknesses of the armed forces of the United States, adds The National Interest.

“Russia knows how we work. They have invested a lot into electronic warfare, because they understand: we are bound and precise, and in order to deprive us of that accuracy,  they need to be able to break our communication systems,” — said Philip Breedlove.

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