Useless in Syria: F-22 Has Cost the U.S $400 Million


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

23rd February, 2016


The U.S has spent $400 million to use the multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor in Syria, although it was not necessary, according to ABC News.

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In the framework of the anti-terrorist operation, the F-22 made 150 sorties and dropped 200 bombs on the objects of ISIS. The operations of the American fighters in the skies over Syria did not require the costly improvements to the aircraft, the changes were made based on more extensive risk, the newspaper notes.

“The use of the F-22 is not necessary in Syria,” — said the representative of the United States air force Major Tim Smith.

Initially, the F-22 was designed in response to a possible threat from Russian and Chinese aircraft, however, as was noted by ABC News, it never was used for its intended purpose.

[O.R: The F22 is known for its ridiculous oxygen system that caused pilots to blackout, ending in a boycott. Instead of storing the oxygen in tanks, they decided to use U.S tax payer money to oxygenate the air in the sky. Of course, expensive unnecessary projects like this have been the backbone of American industry since Vietnam, where UH-1’s were deliberately flown over areas where they’d be shot down just to justify more expenditure.]

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