“Washington Has Put Ukraine on Its Knees”: Viewers Discuss the French Maidan Film

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

3rd February, 2016


To say that the documentary film “Masks of the revolution”, directed by French filmmaker Paul Moreira, blew up social networks, doesn’t really explain anything. Thousands of users from around the world vividly and fiercely defended their point of view, whether they believed or not what was shown on the screen. The Federal news agency gathered the more interesting comments on the new video.

The frogs believed it

Initially, the interest in the film was warmed by the Ukrainian authorities themselves, who, for a long time, tediously tried to get the broadcast on French TV channel ‘Canal+’ cancelled. Kiev even called the film of Moreira “sweet music to the ears of supporters of a conspiracy theory and Russian propaganda,” and expressed disappointment when they learned that the channel had decided to air the film, by saying it “gives the audience a false picture of the situation in Ukraine.”

Probably Poroshenko and company think that the script of the film was personally dictated to the Director by Vladimir Putin, and who did not stop to jump — the Frenchman. It’s funny how Maidan supporters are trying to tarnish the film for the eyes of others, resorting to different techniques and tricks. Among many of these users are the infamous “porobots”.

“Another FSB provocation in Europe. In France they showed a distorted film about the Maidan. Stupid frogs believed it” — said an emotionally charged user named Dmytro Dmitruk.

“We cannot say that the report was misleading, but it handles the facts only from a certain point of view — far right. But we are not naive about the politics of Putin, we too have heard, and it would be nice if it was possible to see journalism that provides miscellaneous facts,” said another Ukrainian user who has not lost hope.

The crying souls were waiting for the French filmmaker, Moreira, online on Facebook on his personal page, where, among other things, he was greeted with a comment:

“You may not know that Ukraine continues to defend its position. The film smacks of falsification and exaggerating the value of extremist groups. You don’t know our country, and you made a film for the sake of sensation, but not the truth. Ukraine is not the same as you have described,” said the Ukrainian.

Blood runs cold

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At the same time it is foolish to argue with the fact that positive evaluations of the film were much more common. Few expected to see the mass execution of people in Odessa on the screen, and civilians in Donbass killed. The masks of the true organizers of the Maidan have been removed, and it appeared that the coup was not the work of the ordinary people of Ukraine, but the West, who used their mechanisms for another “color revolution”.

“There wasn’t any dignity in the “Revolution of dignity” in sight. The Maidan was a decoration that placed those people and groups in power who were happy to put Ukraine on its knees for Washington. And this policy of deception has continued everywhere,” complains Sergei Krivets.

Viewers from Europe are surprised by the new knowledge that the current Kiev government has not solved anything. The order not to touch “Right sector” was lowered “from above” — and now the organization is becoming a “state within a state”, with their rights and laws. They have said that American citizens should be designated as Ministers.

“The whole point of “Masks of the revolution”, causing the blood to run cold in the veins — the blood shed in Ukraine was wasted. Ukraine has become completely dependent, they betrayed even their own rulers. But let the citizens of other European countries take a look at their own “democracy” and they will find 10 differences although there are more,” writes Pierre Esposito.

The film includes the banning of the Russian language, the food blockade of Crimea, and how the US actually used radicals for the coup.

Thank you for the truth

The most common reaction to the film on social media was the phrase “Thank you for the truth!”. The Director was called a “real journalist” and was thanked for his courage. Here are just some of the reviews:

“Finally a film that shows two sides of war in Ukraine. I learned that neo-Nazis are our friends. Scary!” — wrote one user.

“A chilling report. Ukraine has become chained to the dogs of war,” wrote another user.

It did not pass by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Frants Klintsevich, who stressed that “the truth about the coup d’état in Ukraine is making inroads in the West”.

“Now Ukrainian authorities can cry their indignation, disprove and speak about Moscow’s hand as much as they want. All of this makes no sense. The bird has flown from the cage,” he said.

To complete the material I would like add another review. It extolled the triumph of truth, and the film “helped to reveal the evils of neo-Nazism and the activities of Poroshenko, who is in the wrong hands, a puppet”. The resonance began, the chain reaction started. The truth has started to walk through the cities and villages.

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