Yatsenyuk: “Political games damaging, It’s about the future of the state not personalities”


Fort Russ – 10th February, 2016


Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk will urge the Parliament to support the principles proclaimed by the Government: “These will be the principles of new political cooperation, new responsibilities to the country. The current political games can damage the country a lot. It’s about the future of the country not personalities,” underlined the Prime Minister at a joint board meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Justice Ministry of Ukraine entitled “From new police towards new justice and citizenship security” on Wednesday, February 10.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded of new guiding principle proclaimed at the special meeting of the Government members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, held on February 4, “This is zero tolerance for corruption in all areas. This is zero tolerance for political interference and backstage politics in the country. This is the honest and transparent privatization as well as the appointment of politically independent directors in the state-owned companies, as we have done in Naftogaz Ukrainy. And it is up to the other 60 key state-owned companies.”

The Prime Minister has pointed out that each Minister assumes full responsibility for the area of their competence, as well as for determining the development strategy of the sector they represent:

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“It is the political will of the entire Ukrainian political class to real changes. Talking about change, I mean not just the implementation of a program, but following the difficult but appropriate path of reforms that the country needs, and the irreversibility of these reforms.”

“No matter who is in power, new politicians and a new country are setting key goals: respect of the citizen, responsibility to the state, the political responsibility of any of the entire political class in the country, either it is the Government or Parliament, or another institutions of power, efficiency of public authorities, transparency of all the state-owned companies, as well the political will of the President, Government and Parliament to follow these principles,” said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“In order to make these principles work, we need a complete and steadfast support of Ukrainian Parliament, Ukrainian President – and I am convinced that the President shares these principles – as well as an open and honest dialogue with society. The current political games can damage the country a lot. It’s about the future of the country not personalities”, said the Prime Minister.

Ukraine will receive help only “when the whole world will see that we are helping ourselves, moving the country forward and taking these steps together.”

“If we follow these principles, our Western partners will continue to support Ukraine,” underlined the Head of Government and thanked Western partners for their steadfast support.

“We acknowledge our responsibility. The political crisis we face today is an opportunity. We must seize this opportunity,” highlighted Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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