All the Best for the Children!


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

9th March, 2016


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“All the best for the children” – The inscription on the Ukrainian howitzer shells. The man who is sitting nearby, pointing to the shells, prepared for the killing of the children of Donbass, is a fighter from the “Azov” battalion. His name is Yuri.

“All the best for the children”

After a while the Ukrainian howitzer will send the shells to our side, and who knows, maybe one of them was the cause of the appearance of another line of mourning on the granite in memory of the children, the victims of the Ukrainian aggressors.

How many other Yuri’s like him have sent shells onto the heads of our children – no one can say. Simply – no one knows. There are no such records. Counting “the Alley of Angels”, the memory of the dead children, those who died still really had not even begun to live…

Let’s talk, however, about Yuri – an “azovet”.

I recently watched a video by Anatoly Shariy, in which his colleague polls Kievans on the subject of whether or not they believe that the fighters of the so called Ukrainian volunteers battalions are Nazis. Here is the video:

A large part of Kievans, like practically all Ukrainians, do not believe that Nazis are fighting in the battalions.

Some citizens of Ukraine say that the Wolfsangel emblem of “Azov” has no relation to Nazi symbolism, and “Azov” to Nazism, and generally, stories about Nazism in Ukraine is an invention of Putin’s bloggers and Kiselev-Surkov’s propaganda. Yuri from “Azov” suggests to some Ukrainian citizens that they are somewhat mistaken….

But no one can be mistaken that Yuri is really one of those Nazis, who of course ‘does not exist’ in Ukraine.

Maybe here someone will recognize more of these “heroes”. It’d be useful for a new Nuremberg. I feel it’s not that far away.

That’s how it is, dear Ukrainians.

I almost forgot, greetings to Yuri can be sent here




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