Brussels and Savchenko: What Is the Price of Russian Blood?

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March 22, 2016

Dima Piterski (Live Journal)

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

The price of Russian blood must become unaffordable 

Savchenko was sentenced to 22 years. I recently wrote about why, in my opinion, her release or exchange it completely unacceptable.

Add to this a couple of considerations.

Today a terrible terrorist attack was carried out in Belgium that killed 34. All civilized mankind is horrified, Mogherini is in tears. People died! For the first time since November, since the terrorist attacks in Paris, again People died in the world.

Here is the reaction of a Belgian magazine to the attacks on Moscow metro:

And here is “Charlie” on Donbass, where the deaths of innocent Russian people is now nearing 10 thousand:

“Ceasefire. Donetsk is bored. Should we organize something with the cartoonists?”

Maybe it was just Charlie, and not others? May be, may be not. Other Western residents could care less about the dead Russians. For them, unlike Ukrainians, our death is so indifferent, that it is not even a cause for gloating.

Never will our blood be equal to the blood of the “civilized world”. This is how the international system is arranged – everyone has the same color blood, but it is valued very differently. To kill the people of Western Europe and USA is so bad, their blood is priced very high. To kill Eastern Europeans is also bad, but not so dangerous. To kill Libyans and Syrians, for example, is permissible if you are “fighting for democracy”.

Representatives of different nations in the eyes of the West differ from each other by the value of their life. It is a no less important metric than GDP per capita. It is strange that none of the pollsters have compiled such a table: “the rating of the value of life”. But even without tables and rankings everything is clear by the reaction of world leaders to the death of people of different nationalities.

We will never make our life worth as much as their life in their eyes. But… We can ourselves define the place in this ranking! If retribution for murder of Russian citizens will be severe and inevitable – we will be in the top, they will be simply afraid to kill us. If we give someone a reason to think that killing Russians is not allowed, but if you really want to, you can – the price of our lives will be low.

Those who seriously accept the idea of exchanging Savchenko, don’t even understand – at the same instant, when she is released, the price of theirs, and not someone else’s life, specifically their life will sharply deteriorate. Our enemies will see that you can kill Russian citizens and become a TV star, with a comfortable existence – you’ll be in the media, talked about by presidents, you will be elected MP, you’ll be the hero of the entire “civilized world” and you will definitely soon be released.

I don’t want this rainbow picture to form in the minds of Bandera beasts. Every citizen of Russia will be much safer if everyone will see Savchenko rotting alive in a prison, and commander of “Aydar” Melnichenko hung in Donetsk. At some point, with this picture in mind, one of the fools will want to kill some Russian and… will change his mind. Will back off. Perhaps in the future it will save mine or your life, you never know…

The state itself sets the price of life of its citizens. Every day our military correspondents file reports from hot spots. They also need to know that their life is expensive, that they are protected not only by formal laws, but also by the unyielding commitment of Russian authorities to punish everyone, who will encroach on their lives. To punish, no matter the screams of “global community.”

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