Case of 2nd May: Prosecutors Once Again Ask for Meeting to Be Postponed

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th March, 2016


At today’s meeting, the new Prosecutor requested for it to be postponed for another date due to the fact that he had no time to familiarize himself with the case materials. This caused resentment among the participants.

As was pointed out by the counsel for the accused, Kirill Shevchuk, the replacement of the group of prosecutors occurred on 8th February, and today is March 4th. So the time for the attorney to read the case and prepare was more than enough.

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“Such manipulation of the Prosecutor’s office should be regarded only as a deliberate delay of the process” — said Shevchuk.

This view was echoed by other defenders. In their opinion, such urgent replacement of the Prosecutor is associated with the fact that yesterday the court gave the Prosecutor a last chance to provide real evidence against the accused – Mefedov. In particular, the report of his detention, search, seizure of objects and subjects, as well as the results of the examination of his seized possessions.

“There are 40 or more prosecutors in this group. And so now, every time when we ask them for the documents, which they haven’t convened, they will change their staff? Each time a new Prosecutor will be appointed, who will appear uninformed and not ready for work?” — said Mefedov.

According to another accused, Doljenkov, such conduct of the prosecution is disrespectful to the participants of the process and the board. “During the process we never actually found out where the materials of the pretrial investigation were. Attorney Babin said they were in his safe, then there was the possibility that they were in the regional Prosecutor’s office in Pushkinskaya street. From the previous Prosecutor we learned that pieces are in the Prosecutor General’s office, and some in the investigative Department of the SBU… So where are they, and do they really exist?!” — he said.

In turn, Prosecutor Doroshenko noted that earlier he did not participate in this affair. Judge Kora considered that the court should granted time to review the case, as he was not involved previously in this matter. In the end, the judges were unable to make a decision in the hall and it went to the deliberation room where they will make the final decision on the matter.

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