China Expels US From the Pacific Ocean

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

3rd March, 2016


Vaunted US naval forces have been throwing tantrums for several days. While US generals threaten to throw fists in the direction of Russia, promised to tear the clothes off Bashar al-Assad and frighten Eastern European urchins with NATO’s expansion into most of the outskirts, they got a very tasteful kick on the other side of the most tolerant place of a man’s body.

Beneath the Ukrainian-Syrian noise, the unruffled Chinese deployed its latest fighters, J-11 and JH-7, to Woody Island near the Strait of Malacca, which until yesterday was considered a disputed territory. In addition to Chinese aviation, star-spangled intelligence spotted several missile defense systems and high-frequency radars there. 

The scale of what has happened will become clear if we remember that the Malacca Strait, for global shipping, is worth about the same value as the Panama and Suez canals. This is the main sea route from the Indian ocean to the Pacific and back. Every year it hosts about 50,000 vessels that provide up to a quarter of all marine traffic on planet Earth. From this we can estimate the military-strategic importance of the Strait, which is now controlled by the respectful Chinese pilots and rocket scientists.

“China is changing the operational landscape of the region,” said the commander of the Pacific fleet Admiral, Harry Harris, in assessing the situation. In translation from English into Russian it means that China has the opportunity not only to neutralize all hostile actions of American allies in the Pacific region, but also reduce the efficiency of the “great and terrible” US Navy, to a quantity just shameful for the state that aspires world domination. 

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And if we consider that the same people from the intelligence service were reporting about air defense systems being deployed on the Gaven and Hughes reefs of the Spratly archipelago, anyone who takes a look at the location on a map, can, without any fear of being mistaken, announce a death sentence for the American fleet, which allowed itself to go deep in the South China sea. 

Positioning itself as the strongest military power in the world, America has no right to leave without consequences for such a slap  to the Navy’s face. But, as it turns out, today they have nothing but diplomatic pressure to oppose the insolence of the healthy Chinese, which China blatantly ignores.

It’s only liberals who have never served in the army who think that if the number of US aircraft carriers is multiplied by the number of  aircraft the loading bays can hold, you get an irresistible military power. Experts know perfectly well that naval aviation is inferior in characteristics to the one that is based on land. So they can scare only Ukraine, who already longtime ago sold their last aircraft for scrap-metal. The latest Chinese fighter jets are superior in terms of basic characteristics to American counterparts and, under the cover of coastal defense systems, with great probability will turn any of the invading forces into dust.

And the funny thing is that the United States does not have an acceptable way out of the situation. If not to give the incident importance and be limited to a couple of angry statements by the State Department, the Chinese will eat a fair chunk of the Pacific ocean and wont even dare to choke. Military analysts today predict the reunification of China not just with Taiwan but also with the Japanese Senkaku Islands. This will allow our allies to take full control of both the South China and East China sea, closing American military power far beyond Japan.

If the Americans decide to show full resistance to the Chinese, they would have to retract resources from the Russian or Middle Eastern fronts. But it is fraught with troubles. Everyone knows that they need to keep a close watch on Putin. Loosen the sanctions for a moment and he will not only stir up a referendum in Kiev on returning to Russia, but also in Warsaw and Helsinki. And he’ll even collect 103%.

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