FSB: CIA Is in Charge of Ukrainian Security Sevices, SBU Agent Detained (Press Release)

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March 31, 2016

FSB (Federal Security Service of Russian Federation) press release

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Agent of Department of counterintelligence of the Central apparatus of the Security Service of Ukraine has been detained

On March 26 an employee of the Department of counterintelligence of the central apparatus of Security service of Ukraine, Colonel Yury Ivanchenko was detained on the territory of Russian Federation.  Ivanchenko arrived to Russia under the pretext of visiting relatives, despite the fact that SBU prohibits its employees from visiting Russia.

Even before his arrival in Russia, FSB received advance information that the SBU and the CIA prepared the operation for Ivanchenko’s recruitment by the FSB by offering his services.

It is known that at present representatives of U.S. intelligence who oversee all the work of the SBU against Russia operate at the SBU building. 

First time Ivanchenko tried to offer his services to the FSB of Russia in 2014.

SBU agent had to interest FSB in his capabilities to obtain secret information and convince FSB of the need to communicate with him in Kiev through secret drop points.

At some stage SBU and CIA planned to capture the FSB agent red-handed, while obtaining information from Ivanchenko.

After the detention, Ivanchenko, not fearing of being convicted of treason, demanded to call the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow. The opportunity to contact the Ukrainian Embassy was provided.

Because the acts of the foreigner did not cause damage to security of Russian Federation, he will be deported to Ukraine and banned from entering Russia.

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