German Parliament Will Try to Save Pork From Disappearance Due to Changing Demographics


March 3, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Germans are outraged at the disappearance of non-halal food from cafés, restaurants and school cafeterias across the country 

The proposal to save pork sausages on German menus will be on parliament agenda next week. It was raised by the members Angela Merkel’s party – the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from Schleswig-Holstein. The representative of the local branch of the ruling party, Danielle Guenther, has sounded the alarm due to the fact that pork has disappeared from schools, kindergartens and cafeterias throughout the region.

According to the politician, “protection of minorities, including for religious reasons, should not mean that the majority will be restricted in freedom of choice as a result of unreasoned concern”.

It should be noted that a similar situation exists not only in the North of Germany, but everywhere. Many establishments excluded pork dishes from the menu, such as traditional German sausages, essential at any beer festival. This is done, apparently, for two reasons. First, pork in any form is unprofitable if it’s not in demand by the ever-growing section of the population, especially against the background of shrinking number of indigenous inhabitants. Secondly, Muslims can boycott shops which sell pork, and it promises even greater financial losses. Well, if money decides everything, then Germans will do without pork and can eat something else!

As for schools, tasked with integrating migrant children into German society, which has long been secular in nature, they just back off, trying to avoid tension with parents of Muslim students who feel they have the right to be outraged by old German traditions, such as sausages in a school lunch, to demand their ban, so as not to insult their religion. And this applies not only to food but also clothing (swimwear, for example), treatment of women in general, and much more. Unfortunately, “political correctness” exists in Germany only for the Germans and at their expense.

The fact that this issue is no longer taboo, and even will be discussed in federal parliament, is only because Germany is facing elections in three federal states, and the ruling party, the CDU, which turned Germany into a thoroughfare and a prize for illegal migrants, is very afraid to lose them. Hence the simulation of worry about interests, habits, and traditions of Germans already feeling foreign in their country.

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