Graham Phillips “Black Listed” and Expelled From Latvia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th March, 2016

On the night of 17th March, the Pro-Russian blogger and journalist Graham Phillips was detained during the events at the Freedom monument, and was expelled to Russia. As was explained by the head of the interior Ministry of Latvia, Rihards Kozlovskis, Phillips was also placed on the “black list”.

The Minister stressed that as Phillips is a citizen of the EU, he is banned from entering Latvia for 3 years. Taking into account the fact that Phillips came to the territory of Latvia by car, the law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Latvia could not expel him to the UK. That’s why he was sent to Russia, which agreed to accept him.

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The decision to place Phillips on the “black list” was adopted by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Latvia, Kozlovskis, based on the conclusions of security officials. Thus, this decision is not political, but an administrative act.

Recall that Phillips was was detained on the 16th March at the events in the center of Riga. He loudly shouted slogans when flowers were being laid at the monument of Freedom.

Phillips posted some videos on the Internet about his expulsion. In one of them he explains that he has been expelled from Latvia for three years, because the authorities did not like the fact that he asked the participants of the procession of legionaries questions.

“I went to an unofficial, pro-Nazi meeting in Latvia, and the authorities didn’t like the way I covered it. They expelled me for three years,” said Phillips.

Graham Phillips is a British journalist and blogger. Previously, he was a freelance employee of the Russian state TV channels “Russia Today” and “Star”. He became known in the course of his journalistic work during the period of the Euromaidan in Ukraine in late 2013 — early 2014, and during the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

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