Ian Brzezinski Reveals How to End the Economy of Russia


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th March, 2016

Zn (Ukrainian media)

Western countries should impose additional sanctions against entire sectors of the Russian economy, and not just deal with the extension of the current restrictions. This was stated by senior researcher of the analytical center “Atlantic Council” Ian Brzezinski.

“The West should get to strengthening these actions from targeted sanctions, directed against certain Russian citizens and organizations to the more extensive and comprehensive sanctions against Russian financial and energy sectors instead of discussing the relevance of extension of sanctions against Russia,” said Brzezinski during the hearing at the US Senate.

According to the expert, one of the most vulnerable areas is the Russian oil refining industry.

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“While Russia is a major oil producer, its oil refineries are outdated and depend on the West and the US,” said Brzezinski.

He also noted that the strategy of assistance to the Ukrainian people needs to include some immediate and long-term initiatives aimed at strengthening the defense of the country, help in reforms, and integration of Ukraine into the Euro-Atlantic community.

Earlier it was reported that the US was satisfied with the effect of sanctions against Russia. “We had planned sanctions in such a way to minimize side effects and to direct them to the people closest to the decision-making process. I think they’re very effective,” said the Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew.

In turn, former head of the US Department of State Condoleezza Rice urged Ukrainians to wait for the collapse of the Russian economy.

“It is obvious that the Minsk agreements are constantly violated, but we need to have patience and continue to stand on our own. Sanctions with low oil prices have seriously hurt the Russian economy,” believes Rice.

Russia has recognized the efficacy of Western sanctions. According to the calculations of Putin’s Advisor and his representative in the National Banking Council of the Russian Federation, Sergey Glazyev, the Russian economy has lost about 250 billion dollars in two years.

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