Islyamov Updates Kherson Caliphate With Another Battalion of Thugs


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th March, 2016

By Aleksey Zhuravko


Mr. Islyamov said that he has created a second battalion on the territory of the Kherson region.

“Those who want to join us voluntarily are numerous. Every day three to five people arrive. It turns out that about a month later we have another battalion entirely.”

We already saw last week who joined Islyamov’s ranks, when a woman from Simferopol had her passport taken away and torn up. They threatened policemen with guns.

I honestly am afraid to imagine what will happen when they gain a sufficient number in the area.

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Currently, according to various estimates, there are about 2000 people who were distributed on all border crossings in Crimea. If Islyamov creates battalions under his control, then what awaits the region?

After all, what was done by his people in Kalanchak, Chaplynka, and Chongar crossed the line.

Looting, rapes, murders today dazzle even the Ukrainian media, and not because they grew a conscience, but because it’s impossible to hide the facts.

And all this came to us in the region with the so-called blockade of Crimea, with Mr. Islamov.

In my previous posts and articles I wrote, when all this began, that it will lead to no good. Some pseudo politicians and fake journalists from my region were screaming that Ismaylov and his mercenaries have good intentions. Here you have good intentions, and believe me — this is just the beginning .

If we keep silent, if we fail to defend ourselves, then very soon we will have no place on our lands.

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