It Pays to Be Chechen in Europe

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March 23, 2016

Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky (Facebook)

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Seven years ago our close friend, living in a small town near Paris, worked in a local court as a Russian translator in a series of “Chechen” trials. He said that each defendant had the same legend: sister was a sniper, the village was swept by security forces, all the women in the family were raped by Russian soldiers, homes were bombed, etc.

There are hundreds of such cities and towns in France, and in each of them over several years hundreds, perhaps thousands of “Chechens” were arrested (I put it in quotes because to ascribe themselves to these people was advantagious to any Caucasian – the anti-Russian European policies gave them huge privileges).

Now in Germany, France, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Belgium live up to 250 thousand “Chechens” who came in the 90’s after the anti-terrorist operation in Dagestan and Chechnya. 

Chechen mafia in the EU is engaged in the same activities as in Russia: controlling semi-criminal activities, the black market, creating armed units for gang operations.

Setting up home in Europe, they began to compete with other mafia – Albanian, which penetrated Europe even earlier, automatically acquiring political refugee status. As a result, Albanians took control of between 60 to 80% of the heroin traffic to the EU countries. In addition, they engaged in petty shoplifting, street robberies, murders, kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking, controlling prostitution.

In both cases, the political will of European elites ignored the basic sense of security of EU citizens.

The same dynamic is observed with refugees from Turkey and Africa, among whom there are only about 20% Syrians, although there are more refugees from Afghanistan in Europe than the Syrians (that country was controlled by American and European armed forces).

Can you see a link between all these events? Who benefits from Europe being flooded with refugees, creating the fertile ground for terrorism in the last 20-25 years?

Russia has a huge experience in fighting terror – the number of terrorist attacks in Russia over the past 20 years far exceeds Europe. Without Russia, which has learned to resist this contagion, Europe cannot defeat the terrorists. But the russophobic policy of the EU has backfired – Paris and Brussels demonstrated this clearly.

We mourn the victims of the terrorist attacks along with the Europeans. 

From the letter of Patriarch Kirill to Belgian king Philip, “the Russian Orthodox Church is mourning with all, who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. May the merciful God grant them courage and spiritual strength to endure this terrible trial and grant speedy recovery to the victims”.

But let’s not forget about those who due to their political carelessness and recklessness contributed to this tragedy.


KK: Chechens are most welcome and have least trouble with naturalization among ex-Soviet immigrants in France, according to my Georgian Russian-speaking taxi driver in Paris 

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