Jaafari: Russia may Re-deploy with Syrian coordination

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March 17th, 2016 ~

Fort Russ News – Joaquin Flores ~ with CCTV

China’s CCTV broadcast a public official statement from Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria’s official representative to the UN and the head of the Syrian negotiating team, which at first glance was a restatement of what has already been said over the last few days through numerous outlets. Yes, the Russian withdrawal was ‘no surprise’ to Syria, as every move had been a calculation coordinated jointly with the Syrian government and army. 

However, what some may not have caught, was one stand-out word – redeploy.  We think its significant.  

“Our friends and allies, the Russians, came to Syria by the [sic] joint decision, and the day they will leave, or withdraw, or redeploy their forces, partially or totally, it will be done again, and again, and again, through a joint Syrian-Russian coordinated action.” (emphasis our own)

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