“Lies, nausea, and sanctions:” a former ambassador of France comments on recent French policy against Syria

Père Fouettard, also known as Krampus, member of “the International Community”

In Arret sur info, March 22, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The worst foreign minister ever offered to the people of France has left office. He leaves behind him a policy ruined, discredited, and demoralized. Our diplomats, even if they were the best ones on this planet, could work no miracles when they are led to defend nothing but the undefensible, and to keep themselves on the wrong side of history. And there’s the rub.

The departure of a minister so foreign to foreign affaires, who wakes up only when he hears the name of Bashar al Assad, will bring no tears to anyone but himself and his cronies. But the optimists, inundated with hope at his adieu, must doubt: the worst is never for certain, and the best even less so.

The departing minister was a pillar of the group “Friends of Syria,” whose membership list perfectly illustrates the old saw: “with friends like that, who needs enemies.” Picking up the torch brandished by France when NATO was sowing Libya with salt, Fabius has done all he could to put our country in the forefront of the warriors of the virtuous “international community.”

Wasn’t he the one, half miser, half gourmand, who back in July 2012 supposed that there was still further strengthening  possible for yet more sanctions, insisting for instance, that Greece stop importing phosphate from Syria?

The Elizabeth Arden Club (Washington, London, Paris) which claims for the last quarter century to be the incarnation of “the international community” has become in these last years a Krampus** directory with their inspiration from the neocons of the “Deep State” of the Western lands and elsewhere, and for their privileged allies in the Middle East, the ones most suited to flagellation.

In 2011, after Iraq, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iran, or Ukraine and some others, our Krampuses, even though busy with the task of the moment (protecting the civilian population of the Libyan Jamahiriya by bombing them, on the way to the liquidation of Ghaddafi — ed) reserved special treatment for Syriar. And so it was the sanctions rained a hailstorm from the first fine days.  
In July 2012 (omitting the name of the paper and of the journalists for decency’s sake) a video appeared on the net with a killer title: “What good are the sanctions against Syria?” This, notes the written commentary, “is more than a year of pressuring measures on the part of the International Community, with little success.” We have to “punish and economically stifle the regime of Bashar al Assad, who represses the opposition with blood: that is the goal. We still haven’t heard the last of that catchphrase.
Our video specifies that on July 23, 2012, the EU adopted a new suite of sanctions, for the 17th time in a year (sic). It recalls that the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Arab League (kidnapped by Qatar and the Gulf regimes) have taken similar measures.

Without posting an endless list of the sanctions imposed, renewed, and reinforced through the following years, it is not pointless to comment on that passage, for the attention of the distracted, the uninformed, or folk of clean conscience, that the overall script of the western directors and their bureaucracies, is Sadism: 
First come the classic sanctions, by the Security Council, May, 2011: These banned (no visas for these people) and froze the assets of 150 persons of the “Syrian regime.” Further about 50 organizations “supporting the regime” were to be boycotted, including five military organizations, with an embargo on “the export of arms and of material capable of being used for goals of repression”

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It was also forbidden to ship any equipment technologies, or logistical matter capable of being used to intercept phone or wireless communication.

 August 10, 2011, the US government took economic sanctions against Syrian telecommunication companies and banks linked to Damascus, preventing US nationals conducting business with the Commercial Bank of Syria, the commercial Lebanese Syrian Bank or Syriatel. US assets of these companies were frozen, as much as to say stolen. As a follow-up, Hillary Clinton announced a total ban on imports of oil and petroleum products from Syria.Imitating their teachers soon, the European Union decided to pile on several additional sanctions, including an oil embargo.The latest salvo will aim to reduce the trade in order to asphyxiate the economy.

Next came the diplomatic sanctions (recall of ambassadors for consultation) decided in the fall of 2011, after the double Russian-Chinese veto on Muslim-Western draft resolution aimed at bringing the Libya process to Syria. Once the United States recalled their ambassador from Damascus , several states of the European Union recalled theirs.
Juppe was called to office [as foreign minister] on November 17, 2011: “fatal error” for the supervising minister. After a false return, the final departure happens February 2012. Fabius, appointed in May 2012, will do even better: just inducted, Fabius tries to expel the ambassador of Syria in Paris, having forgotten that this latter is also representative to the UNESCO and so he can not compel his departure.

In 2012, comes the closure of the airline “Syrianair” in Paris, and the ban on flights between France and Syria and, more generally, between European capitals and Damascus. And so on …

Alas, lament the experts full of unction and compunction, not everyone agrees to implement an embargo, which limits its scope. The unanimity that collected the five-member Permanent Security Council on the side of the three Westerners from 1991 to2011 no longer exists and is a key element that helps break the arrogance and omnipotence of the Atlantic powers. Accusatory fingers were pointed “some countries that don’t play the game? (Sic). But is it a game? Russia and China support the Syrian state and government: they will be asked to “join the international community” (sic). Syria can also count on the multifaceted assistance of its ally, Iran, but Iran, too, is already under heavy sanctions. And what of the other countries, like Brazil, that do not support the West?

In addition, some states right inside the EU were dragging their feet, and some snags on commitments against Damascus appeared.
This blockade intended to choke Syria is certainly difficult to implement, but our perfectionists can console themselves: it is undeniable that the expected results are there. After five years of sanctions and collective determination, the Syrian people are exhausted and live in appalling conditions. Don’t our great leaders, so good and modest, know the truth — not the truth of their protected emigrants who shelter in the shade of their protectors — but the truth of the people who stayed in their country? Far from the Heaven of the revolution which their premiers pretend to believe, far from the paradise which democratic jihadists and moderates terrorists aspired to, is the hell that Syrians and Syria are living, a hell they owe to the fanaticism of their “liberators” and their Turkish or Arab allies and to the sadism of the “Axis of Good,” godfather of terrorists.

The sanctions have managed to destroy a country that was relatively prosperous, with virtually no debt, self-sufficient for most of its needs, and generally well off. They ended up by breaking down the Syrian national fabric, welded by a rather exemplary “secular” tolerance, but failed to destroy it. The purpose of this politicide was (and remains) to demoralize the people, causing them to lose confidence in the legitimacy of their state, their government, their leaders, their institutions, their army, while giving them the illusion that the West is fortunately there to “save them from the tyrant that massacres” them, and welcome in their midst the refugees and defectors.

The terrible Iraq balance sheet – one and a half million people, including 500,000 children – is a reminder that sanctions are a weapon of mass destruction, used with total cynicism by the “masters of the world”. For Madeleine Albright probably thinking of “collateral damage,” “it was worth it.” We see the result.

In Syria, the Western “punishments” are not well-intentioned. They aim to subdue a resilient people and to force it to accept the inevitability of regime change, or to force it to escape or desert their regime … 

Enough of bleeding the country of his youth, its people aspiring to live in a climate of peace … Enough of turning refugee people into mendicants, at the mercy of traffickers of all specialties, as shown by these women and children settled night at the corner of Parisian boulevards by disturbing teams.

For five years, our slicker politicians, our complacent journalists, our lost — or rogue — intellectuals participate, with a few exceptions, in the vast conspiracy of lies that would make sovereign and legitimate Syria a massacring usurper, and make his attackers and their sponsors, eastern or western, into revolutionary liberators. Besides the horror and terror that the images of this savage war summon up, how can we not feel nauseous before the blindness, voluntary or not, of our elites who prefer to give credit to the lies of their criminal allies and proteges rather than credit the countless testimonies of victims who point at their executioners unambiguously? How not to feel nauseous before this assumed complicity, barely camouflaged by a systematic omerta? Finally, how not to shudder at this aplomb, and the set-in-cement conscience of our opinion makers?

The solution is not to welcome the refugees, that we have ourselves created by empowering the universal war of aggression and Jihad in Syria, into Europe.
We must lift immediately, without delay and without conditions, the sanctions that are intended to break an entire people. We must end the war, not multiply its impact by shabby, underhanded means and unfair sanctions that are in Western style.
We must do justice to this tormented and humiliated people. And the most basic of justices, first is not to cover with the veil of virtue the ferocious criminals who seek to destroy tolerant Syria for the sake of intolerance. It also involves not condoning the immodesty of Krampus masters who punish with impunity, and with arrogant disdain. Enough lies, enough hypocrisy, enough lessons.

Again, we must lift the rogue and criminal sanctions that are killing Syria and its people. Not in a month or in a year, but now. This is not a matter of diplomacy, it is a matter of honor, and France would regain honor by pronouncing, for its part and in a national capacity, the lifting of sanctions.

**”Pères fouettards in the original, equivalent to “Krampus,” but literally “Father Whip,” the Christmas-tide demon who comes with Santa, but uses the whip. 

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