Military Prosecutor Shows Video Before Grabovsky’s Death

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

29th March, 2016

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Chief military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios showed reporters a video interview with the kidnapped and murdered lawyer Yury Grabovsky, who defended one of the Russian special forces Alexander Alexandrov. He is forced to make a statement about the refusal to protect Alexandrov.

The video was shown at the briefing, reported the correspondent of Ukrinform.

“This is a difficult video. You all are experienced journalists and can very closely analyse what we have seen here in the future. So, perhaps, will be able to build a certain version. The only thing I can advise, I will quote the words of the famous Kozma Prutkov: “Discover the root” – said Matios.

According to him, there are several movies made by the kidnappers.

“For us now in this case, the most important thing is to investigate the true motives of this crime and to bring forth the true client of its implementation, whoever they were, wherever they were, and in what seats they are not sitting in”, – assured the chief military Prosecutor.

In the video the lawyer looks exhausted, declares that he refuses protection because he believes it is “impossible in the future to protect him on this case”, and when the voice-over questions him about why he made this decision, Grabovsky replied: “Because I realized my mistake”.

The Military office of the public Prosecutor does not exclude that there will be new videos on the Internet cloud that will help to establish the client.

“I want to warn you that it’s possible, and we assume this is due to the fact that cloud-based technologies with access codes were created by one of the killers immediately the day of the murder and was stored until now by those who have access to them. We do not exclude that they may have spread other videos, not initiated by us, with some comments and we will work together to analyze them. This may give us the opportunity to get closer to the real clients and motives of this audacious crime,” said the military Prosecutor.

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