Mogherini — lightning rod on the White House dome

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Ronald ZONCA
In Sputnik France, March 25, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter

“A lightning rod named Mogherini” 

In one week, the representative of European diplomacy has set out a series of initiatives to worsen our international relations and our economies. 

She began by declaring that Europe would cooperate in the future with Russia just on projects beneficial for Europe. Clearly, for Frederica Mogherini, the word cooperation no longer means mutual benefits but unilateral exploitation of the partner. By restricting Russia to the rank of exploited captive, she behaves as a worshiper of exceptionalism and the manifest destiny of the American people. 

Faced with such remarks, Sergei Lavrov said to her that Russia did not intend to be dictated by anyone either what to do or not do and that his country had no need of such cooperation.

Then she reprised the old song about “the annexation of Crimea” and insisted on returning the Crimea into the Ukrainian lap, evoking ad nauseam human rights and the plight of minorities. This, given the near future that is emerging for Ukraine, is the same as asking Crimea to return to — nothingness.

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Europe is already hostage to the Ukraine that refuses to comply with the Minsk agreements, and our High Representative wants to add a motive to prevent the lifting of sanctions. Better, she wants to strengthen them without realizing that each new sanction against Russia is one more nail that Europe hammers into the coffin of its economy.

The Russian minister described this request as “arrogant contempt of the population of Crimea,” and advised her to come see the fate of minorities, and if perchance Mrs. Mogherini was looking for a for human rights struggle, she would do well to consider “actual violations of rights of the inhabitants of the Crimea by the Tatar and Ukrainian nationalists who cut off the peninsula from water, from transport, from power and energy with the full consent of the Ukrainian authorities.”

Now our passionate Atlanticist is wanting to present a draft resolution to punish Russia at the next UN session, and has invited countries such as China or Brazil to support this resolution. The Chinese ambassador to the UN has declared that China generally does not like unilateral sanctions and that it considered that it is not a good way to solve problems. 

When asked if he meant the EU-US sanctions against Russia, he said yes. A force to support irrational positions dictated by Washington, Mrs. Mogherini is involving Europe, that is to say, all its member states, in difficulties with the major global economic players. 

Our High Representative for Foreign Affairs of Europe is in fact a simple lightning rod on the dome of the White House as she lets the European peoples sear on the grill.

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