Nazis attack relatives of the victims in the House of Trade Unions

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th March, 2016

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In Odessa, Ukrainian Nazis attacked the relatives of those who were burned alive in the house of trade unions. The relatives, every Sunday, come to Kulikovo Field to commemorate the victims.

“Politnavigator” reported that this was stated by the former Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Alexey Albu, coordinator of the movement “Borotba”.

“On the square every Sunday, Odessans honor the victims of May 2nd. And every time, nationalists come –  in a group of 10 – to make fun of the elderly. This time, for some reason, more came than usual — about 100 people. They provoked, chanted slogans, and showed obscene gestures. Then the guy holding the flag of Odessa was approached by a few people who then took the flag, and then a fight broke out. When it was over and everyone had gone — one of the neo-Nazis named Todor gathered all the flowers that were brought to the House of trade unions by Odessan people, and threw them away,” said Albu.

Witnesses also told “Politnavigator” that after the end of the mourning rally, the nationalists chose a victim from among Kulikova, attacked the man, and severely beat him — an ambulance had to be called. The most aggressive were young boys 15-17 years old. The crowd had been coordinated by the Nazis with walkie-talkies who placed their people on the perimeter of Kulikovo field.

The participants of the mourning rally believe that the nationalists today appeared on the square after learning about the plans to install a monument on Kulikovo field to the fallen in Odessa on 2nd May. 

“Neo-Nazis can fight only with old men and children. They are able to attack only from behind and in a crowd. But the situation will change. The Ukrainian government, which protects nationalists, is bursting at the seams. After its overthrow — there will be an opposite reaction. Everyone who mocks the elderly will be identified and punished,” said Albu.

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