Piskorski: Abandon the sinking Schengen ship; Central Europe should look eastward


March 28, 2016 –

Mateusz Piskorski’s Blog

Translated by J. Arnoldski

“On the necessity of leaving the Schengen zone”

So-called Old Europe is dying in front of our very eyes. This is a truism which we are reminded of from time to time by tragedies in the likes of the one at Zaventem airport and the Brussels metro. Soon enough we’ll get used to being regularly informed of subsequent terrorist attacks in various Western European capitals. They will become our daily bread, just as they have been for a long time in the cities of Iraq, Syria, and Libya, those countries “democratized” by suicide bombers deployed by the snickering Hillary Clinton and her comrades. 

It was Washington that plunged the final stab in the heart of Old Europe when it provoked the collapse of the latest batch of states in the Middle East and North Africa. Other representatives of the Western elite, trailing their American “ally” and reaching for the heights of political correctness’ absurdity with the slogan “Refugees Welcome” also gripped the knife that delivered this stab. 

So far, the fire has covered only part of the continent. In Central and Eastern Europe relatively secure states continue to function and, fortunately enough, Poland is one of them. Threats can reach our region, however, extremely easily. 

It is enough to share the so-called refugees, who, only limited by inventory,  Erdogan’s Turkey could soon begin to send to the Old Continent as a “gift.” 

It is enough to allow visa-free movement on the border with Ukraine, and then citizens of any country or members of any terrorist organization can purchase a Ukrainian passport hot off the press for a reasonable amount of money. 

Western Europe, which is immersed in a guilt complex in regards to the peoples of the South that it once ferociously colonized, is not our world. Our region, including Poland, does not share the guilt for the atrocities of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Besides perhaps those who voluntarily participated in the liquidation of state structures in the Middle East on the order of the United States, we, Central Europe, are not guilty and do not owe anything. Those who are should be put before court, or perhaps it would be better to hand them over to the so-called Islamic State, whose successes their actions have played an important role in contributing to. 

This real threat should encourage the countries of the, to a certain degree, last safe region of Europe to act together for the sake of stability and preventing such tragedies as yesterday’s in Brussels or the earlier one in Paris. 

Thus, together with the other capitals of our region’s states, Warsaw should seize the initiative of exiting the Schengen zone and, if necessary, introduce a visa regime for citizens of  the countries of Western Europe.  After all, those who are murdering people on the streets of European cities, stations, clubs, and airports, are not only the so-called “refugees,” but above all “Belgians”, “Frenchmen,” and citizens of other western EU countries. The only way to stop them from coming to us is precise border control and perhaps consular procedures for acquiring visas. 

Due to the enormous work connected with such an endeavor, such could be effective only with the creation of a new zone of free border movement based on the states having left Schengen, i.e., Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Baltic states. The establishment of such a zone, however, could be used by the Americans to realize their so-called “New Europe” plan. In order to avoid this, the above-mentioned states should initiate negotiations on the possibility of easing movement and abolishing the visa regime for citizens of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia). 

In doing so, the  geopolitical and civilizational shifting of Europe to the East, as was the case when Constantinople seized the role of Rome, will be given impetus. In this scenario, Poland could play a key role insofar as it pursues an actually sovereign foreign policy independent of the orders and instructions coming from Washington or Berlin. 

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