Putin Confirms the Deaths of Five Russian Military Personnel in Syria

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th March, 2016


Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that five Russian soldiers were killed during airforce anti-terrorist operations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Putin said this today, 17th March, during a reception in the Kremlin, where the head of state presented state awards to servicemen and specialists of the military-industrial complex who have distinguished themselves in the special missions in the Syria.

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During the reception, Putin appealed to the widows and relatives of Russian soldiers who were killed in Syria.

“Here in this hall are Yelena Peshkova, Valentina Cheremisina, Irina Pozynich and Yulia Zhuravleva – widows of our comrade officers who died fighting terrorists. I know that for their families and friends, the loss of Oleg, Ivan, Alexander, and Fedor is irreparable. We all take this as our own loss,” — said Vladimir Putin.

Several media outlets had previously reported that Russian soldier Fedor Zhuravlev had been killed in Syria, but there was no official confirmation of this information.

Recall that the following soldiers were killed in the anti-terrorist operations in Syria: the pilot of the downed su-24 Oleg Peshkov, marine Alexander Pozynich, military adviser Ivan Cheremisin, and Vadim Kostenko, who, according to the official version, committed suicide due to relationship issues with his girlfriend.

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