Putin’s Escape – the Implications

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Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ

17th March, 2016

by Mohamed Habib Marzouki 

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*This piece further illustrates just how deluded the Salafi beasts are…*


I was bemused by the sheer number of people who asked me about the implications of Russia’s withdrawal from Syria. It is known to those who follow my writings that I did not await his withdrawal to predict his inevitable defeat. The particular implications for Syria I will not address.

Quick note: The little that he (Putin) has achieved in five months after the defeat of Iran and its militias will melt away in a week or so.

The implications that concern us:

What I’m concerned with is deeper: The implication is the sick man of Europe has recovered from his illness. The people who were in a state of deep sleep have awaken, the spirit of the Salaf (referring to the first generation of muslims who built the Muslim empire) is back.

Ottomanism (Turks) and Adnanyism (Adnan refers to Arabs) are back. The former is the epitome and the latter is the beginning of the Khilafah.

The muslim youth following in the footsteps of Khalid are resuming their cosmic mission.

Putin has not only been defeated in Syria, more so, he fears defeat within his own borders as will happen with Iran: the spring will come to them regardless of external  maneuvers.

The enemies of the majority muslims (Sunni) are now in a precarious position: Iran and its esoteric and crusader militias, as well as Israel and their militias of secularists, liberalists, and nationalists. 

What I meant with Ottomanism and Adnanyism, is the Khilafah of the first generation, and the its culminating vision in Istanbul.

Neither can be resumed without liberating the former capitals of the muslim world, meaning Damascus and Baghdad.

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Dethroning those who conspired against the ummah, the Safavids and the Russian empire is the goal that has to be achieved to liberate Dar Al-Islam.

Victory yields to a logic opposite to that of defeat: the latter is a decent, the former an ascent.

We have to poison our enemies with what they tried to kill us with: Creative chaos. Our victory makes it creative, their defeat makes it chaotic: they wanted to dismantle our geographic unity and our history, but the spiritual immunity of the sunni rolled back their victories.

The implication that I’m concerned with is not that of the regional defeat: for I did not await its arrival to know that it was inevitable, by divine guile, symbolized by the oil crises.

The indirect implication: the two signs of healthy recovery.

The ottomans are no longer the sick man, they are revitalized.

The Arab decisiveness accomplished a great feat. (Saudi Intervention in Yemen)

And so my hope is that the youth of both sexes are convinced that my optimism was not based on dreams rather on faith in God’s promise that his ummah will be victorious. 

We have to capitalize on the regional defeat of the enemy and shift the fight into the enemies body, and ours: we purify ourselves of impure blood, and to dismantle our enemies weaknesses methodically, and in this we are not the aggressors. The one who started this war is the aggressor. Turkey tried to appease Russia, so did Saudi Arabia with Iran. But both were arrogant and disparaged the Ottomans and the Arabs.

The Medina Khilafah (Saudi Arabia) and the Istanbul Khilafah (Turkey) are no longer the symbols of illness and lethargy, more than that, they are able to go against the master of the universe which is the US. Both have said that Putin will lose as did the soviets, and that Iran will taste a defeat greater than that of their war with Iraq. All of this has transpired, and it will only go on both in the fertile crescent and within their own country.

The Syrian youth have to organize their resistance and unite it, and to set their goals, and not hasten what must be delayed: liberating Syria first, then comes greater projects.

It’s high time to be incisive and decisive, and this can’t be without the resistances unity:

Syria must be liberated with Lebanon, Iran’s proxies must be destroyed, then comes Iraq.

And I have written previously that broadening the war zone (geographically) will allow for the complete and final defeat of the enemy.

 I hope my answer has clarified that it is not about Russia and Iran’s role in Syria alone but that all who try to stifle the Sunni world and the resumption of their regional and cosmic (encapsulating the world) role, when I have already said that Putin will be defeated economically before he is militarily, either by what he can be seduced with, or by what can be withheld from him, all armchair analysts laughed, but they are ignoring and are ignorant of the fact that wars firstly need money, and second a stamina to endure, both of which are in spades for the Arabs and Turks, and are no where to be found in Iran and Russia.

And all along the Syrian youths have shown before Putin’s intervention of an enormous ability that defeated Iran’s militias, even though they are under equipped, and so with better armaments the outcome is predictable. Which is what happened after Turkey’s gutsy move to down the Russian fighter, and Saudi Arabia went and lent weapons to the Syrians defying the American veto publicly by its foreign affairs minister where he said – a mark of a true nobleman -that Bashar will leave either by diplomacy or war. 

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