Russia Already Questioned 100,000 Witnesses for Ukrainian ‘Nuremberg’

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March 23, 2016


Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Russian Investigative Committee is hard at work. Working stubbornly, gently, persistently, collecting information about all the crimes of Ukrainian military and punitive volunteer battalions.

It turns out that quietly, without much noise, a giant amount of evidence about the crimes of Ukrainian armed forces and volunteer battalions is being compiled. The evidence, which sooner or later will come in handy.

This was confirmed by Savchenko’s lawyer, Ilya Novikov.

Savchenko’s lawyer Ilya Novikov was struck by the volume of documents collected from interviewing the residents of Donbass and told Ukrainian media.
“There is the so-called “big Ukrainian case” under number 201/837072–14. It was called the “big Ukrainian case” among the lawyers, but during the trial against Savchenko suddenly it became clear that the investigators call it the same,” – he said, adding that as of fall 2015 more than 100 thousand witnesses have been questioned, 15 thousand were recognized as victims.
“Several rooms at the Investigative Committee are filled with cabinets with volumes of this case, more than 20 investigators are working on it. And from this case, in principle, you can “pinch off” a piece and send it to court,” – he said.

What does it mean? That Russia without much fanfare is gathering evidence of crimes. For what? I am sure that this is not done in vain. And that the perpetrators and punishers will appear before our court. And that these tons of evidence will be a good argument to prove the genocide of Donbass population, and at the right time to finally resolve the Donbass issue.

How much more is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about? You can, of course, laugh at “Putin’s cunning plans” and other things. But de facto LDPR [Lugansk and Donetsk Republics] are already fully dependent and controlled from Russia. The laws of the republics are being adjusted to ours. Management system, education, etc. – everything is being changed to our standards. Do you think this is all coincidence?

I don’t believe in such coincidences…

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