Russia Restoring International Law One Withdrawal at a Time

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March 15, 2015

@SS691001  (Live Journal)

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Much is written today about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. Patriots are cheering, and so are Russia’s enemies (“Putin backed off”). However, no one focused on the beginning of Putin’s statement during the meeting with Shoigu and Lavrov. Although usually the beginning of the statement is often the most important message.

So, what did the President say? Here are his very first words:

“In Syria Russia has created a small but highly effective military grouping in a short time”.

In principle, Putin could well conclude with that. A more than transparent hint to all the Obamas, Hollands, Erdogans and other Poroshenko’s.

However, Vladimir Vladimirovich, who personally mingled with such characters, is well aware of the limited intelligence of Western leaders and their puppets. Therefore he had to expand his thesis in more detail.

“Furthermore – with various forces and means! Including space exploration. Unmanned aerial vehicles. Combat and attack systems of fighter and attack aviation.
These are Navy forces, which used the most advanced weapons from the waters of the two seas: Mediterranean and Caspian. From surface ships as well as submarines.”

And so no one has any illusions about a possible response to all of this from the air, for example, by NATO forces, Putin openly said:

“We created a powerful air defense system using the most modern S-400 missiles.”

Summarizing, the President said that “the really effective work of our military has created the conditions for the beginning of a peace process.”

I.e. the mission of creating conditions for negotiation process in the SAR is completed. Moreover, Putin said: “Overall completed …”. And the key to that completion will be the operation of two military bases in Syria: naval and aviation.

Now lets remember that the President began his short speech immediately after the words of Sergey Lavrov that the UN Security Council has twice formally confirmed its commitment to a peace settlement of the Syrian issue. That representatives of all stakeholders gathered in Geneva, and the difficult negotiations will be conducted. That a committee including all the interested countries is working on resolving the crisis in Syria.

Finally, it is worth recalling Putin’s speech at the UN Security Council, where he announced that a unipolar world is unacceptable and detrimental. Where Putin stressed the UN’s role in manifesting and a guaranteeing compliance with accepted global norms on conflict resolution between states.

It turns out that since September 2015 when Russia at the request of Syrian government started bombing American mercenary gangs, the President of Russian Federation gently pushed the UN Security Council to agree with his declaration. And forced the Security Council to act in the spirit of a peaceful settlement.

As so the United States does not prevent the UN Security Council from conducting a peaceful policy, as before (see Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, etc.), Putin made a guarantee: see his quotes above.

So everything is on course. Russia has successfully played the first act of returning to the norms of international law. Let the international partners scratch their heads: where will the Russian submarines appear next? In the Caribbean, the Gulf of Tonkin or… in the Ukrainian steppes …

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