Russian AirForce and the Skies of Banderia

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Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

19th March, 2016 

decision to withdraw the main forces of the RuASF from Syria was well
explained by the chief editor of “National defense” Igor Korotchenko:
“We remain in Syria, but in a shortened format due to new political
realities…” New realities is the cessation of hostilities in large parts
of Syria, and the start of an inter-Syrian negotiations.

And when
will these negotiations end? That is a different question. It is important that
they have begun and the positions of Assad and Russia in these negotiations are
backed up by successful military action against ISIS and other terrorists. The
Russian Aerospace forces made a strong impression on the sane part of anti-Assad
opposition, and pushed them to negotiate with the legitimate President of the
country, because the initiative in the war passed to the government army.

presence of RuASF in Syria, is similar to, for example, US in Afghanistan,
after they’d left. In Syria, Russia uses the experience of the Americans, so
they can’t say anything against it. Although it is clear that military fighters
fly fast and they return to Latakia fast, for example, in case of failure of
Syrian peace talks on Syria.

having broken a course of war in Syria in favor of Assad, made an unexpected
maneuvers,” according to the Western media, and this is acceptable. It
caught Washington and Turkey and the Saudis off guard. About the causes and
effects of this maneuver have already said all that can on this account to
think of, however, as Putin says, where and how the military capabilities are
concentrated really matters.  

While it is
possible to fail. Obama, who predicted that Russia will get stuck in Syria, as
well as Strelkov, who predicted the humiliating defeat of Russia in Syria, like
many other liberals are now finding themselves in an embarrassing position and
strange… our patriots, who spoke about a major strategic mistake for Putin in
connection with the deployment of troops to Syria.

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What we
have today? Russian aircraft, with combat experience in Syria, moved to the
airfields of the South-Western military district of Russia, near Ukraine.
It is actually natural, but some Western media have claimed about Russian
preparation for war with Ukraine in the Donbass, at least for Mariupol.

What does this
means for our neighbour, which requires parliamentarians to sever diplomatic
relations with Russia, and even to declare war on Russia? Probably it going to
be uncomfortable for our formidable neighbours, and the voices of pacifists
who’ll beg the “formidable Ukrainian Army” is not to “liberate” Donbass, and especially not to march on Moscow will sound louder

In general,
the Syrian course of Moscow – it is something inconceivable to the minds of Obama
and his Stratforts, so it catches everyone off guard. You remember Catherine’s
II field Marshal Minnich: Russia is ruled by God, otherwise its existence
cannot be explained… Or progressors by the Strugatsky brothers. Via Putin.
Obama’s statement, in his recent big interview, that the US will not fight with Russia
over Ukraine, and Ukraine is not included in the list of key interests of the
United States is a direct consequence of Obama’s reflections over Syrian course
of Putin and his General staff.

political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko believes that Kiev is in front of a
simple dilemma: a new coup, and then the war with Donbass, or vice versa. After the demonstrative performances of the Russian Federation Aerospace Forces in Syria,
and relocation of these forces near the “Banderia”, there remains perhaps
only one option: a new coup.

to Gumilev, Bandera antisystem is revolutionary by nature and motivated for
expansion and aggression to let out Bandera-Nazi anger. The Bandera project
itself is part of a new “March on Moscow” of the West to divide
“the carcass of the Russian bear” into “independent” quasi-states,
banderite and other russophobic publicists wrote frankly about that. Obama has just
buried this project. New “March on Moscow” will not happen, and what
to do now with the Bandera “death star”?

officials can still declare war on the Donbass and Russia, that’s what a number
of MPs of the Rada require to provoke the West into war with Russia. And extend
the existence of the “Bandera” project. However, it is possible to
predict that Russia again fails to appear at the war, as it once happened.
Russia will not fight with Ukraine, — said Putin, it is not in its interests. And
RuAF would bring this to the attention of the dull. Especially after Syria when
Washington, in the words of Obama, abandoned plans for any (even a proxy) war
with Russia.

A new coup
in Kiev is on the agenda, which Ishchenko is speaking of, or a split and feud,
with the devouring by the “national revolution” of its foolish
children, according to Gumilev. Because without the release of anti-systemic
energy out, in other words, without war with Russia, Bandera “death
star” will inevitably explode. Those who will survive after the explosion,
can begin constructive talks to end the crisis…

US Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, who recently visited Kiev, could not restrain herself,
and rebuked the banderite authorities: “it’s about time they finally start to
manage the country.” The latter is impossible, the revolution can begin, but
you cannot order it to stop. For the leaders of the anti-system it is boring,
they are not here to work but to fight until the end.

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