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By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th March, 2016

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Land of Hope and Glory

28th July, 1914 – the day that some consider Great Britain became no longer “Great” (if it ever was). However, it can be argued that the outbreak of World War 1 was the final nail in the coffin, but the preceding events assembled and prepared the coffin. Here are a few examples (a drop in the ocean in truth):

  • September 1898:
    • The Dreyfus affair results in Gabriel Hanotaux leaving office, ending French cooperation with Germany over the Baghdad-Berlin railway project. 

  • December 1898:
    • Britain and France have a military confrontation in Egypt over the Suez Canal Company. French troops in the East, led by Jean-Baptiste Marchand, run into the British, led by Herbert Kitchener, at Fashoda on the River Nile. Marchand eventually withdrew, ceding industrial power in Africa to the British. 
  • February 1901:
    • British warships are sent to the Kuwaiti coast to bully the Ottomans into considering the Gulf port near Shatt al-Arab to be a British protectorate. 
  • April 1904:
    • The Entente Cordiale agreements are signed by Théophile Delcassé, who replaced Gabriel Hanotaux. 
  • February 1905:
    • Sidney Reilly, disguised as a priest, tracks down William Knox D’Arcy in Persia with the aim of hijacking the contract with the Parisian Rothschild Bank. He succeeded in giving Britain the rights to a major source of oil. 
  • February 1907:
    • Sheikh Mubarak al-Sabah signs over the land of Bandar Shwaikh to the British. Large amounts of Gold and rifles were included in the deal. 
  • August 1907:
    • The Triple Entente comes into force – Britain, France, and Russia. In order to force Russia into the jaws of the Anglo’s, the British sided with Japan in the Russo-Japanese war in 1905. Britain’s plan to remove Sergei Witte succeeded, and thus Russia’s plans to aid Germany in the creation of the Baghdad-Berlin railway were foiled.

  • January 1909:
    • German improvements to their Dreadnaught ships resulted in the Von der Tann – 80,000 horsepower engine capable of 28 knots on coal. British naval supremacy was rapidly fading away. 
  • May 1910:
    • The Union of South Africa is formed after the defeat of the Boers. The Boer Wars were instigated and financed by Cecil Rhodes in order to bring the vast riches of the Transvaal  under British control. 
  • January 1911:
    • Winston Churchill becomes the First Lord of the Admiralty, after Lord Fisher retires. From hereon in, Churchill would aggressively pursue an oil-powered navy, due to the German invention of the petroleum engine. The pillaging of Persia was no coincidence…
  • August 1911:
    • Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian states, during a Round Table meeting, that there are two types of international morality – British/Anglosaxon and German/continental. He further states that either German Bureaucracy or the British Empire will prevail, and if it is the former that gains the upper hand, there will be another Agadir Incident unless the British people prevent the “Backwards rivals” from accepting the standards of “aggressive military powers”. 
  • April 1912:
    • Deutsche Bank negotiates a concession with the Ottoman Empire, giving the projected Baghdad-Berlin railway the rights to oil and minerals 20km either side of the proposed track. At this point the track had reached Mosul. 
  • July 1912:
    • Herbert Henry Asquith appoints the Royal Commission for Oil and Oil Engines, which would be chaired by the now retired Lord John Fisher. This coincided with the majority purchase of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. 
  • March 1913:
    • The first Balkan War comes to its concluding stages. The Triple Entente’s plan to encircle Germany and allies involved Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria declaring war against Ottoman Turkey.
  • April 1913:
    • Between this point and the end of World War 1, the British debt had increased 924%, to £7.4 billion. Also, American exports to Britain between this point and 1915 had increased by 68%.
  • May 1913:
    • German smelting of Pig Iron is twofold that of Britain’s.
  • June 1913:
    • The second Balkan War, where Romania defeated Bulgaria – the final main objective in preparation for World War 1. 
  • October 1913:
    • Lieutenant Colonel Percy Cox receives a signed letter from Sheikh Mubarak al-Sabah that confirms the British will get first refusal for the development of land with oil.
  • November 1913:
    • German electrical industry grows from 26,000 employees in 1895, to dominating half of the global market by 1913. 
  • December 1913:
    • Woodrow Wilson passes Federal Reserve Act. This essentially gave the green light for JP Morgan to fund Britain’s campaign against the Kaiser. By 1917, $1,250,000,000 had been raised by Morgan, Citigroup etc…
  • April 1914:
    • King George VII and British Foreign Minister Edward Grey meet with the French President, Raymond Poincaré, in Paris. Russian ambassador to France Alexander Izvolsky was also in attendance. An alliance was formed between France, Russia and Britain, which was kept secret from the German and Austro-Hungarian empire. 

  • May 1914:
    • Basil Blackett, senior Treasury official of Britain, drafts a confidential memo for Lloyd George entitled “The Effect of War on our Gold Reserves”.  The memo makes it clear that the effect of war on the gold markets is uncertain, although it is known that New York, assuming America was neutral, would remain a financial stronghold, which can be used to draw nations into the war.

And so on and so forth…

In summary: The British banks and Round Table groups had decided that the Germans possessed a very real threat towards the Anglo dominance of the seas, and to colonial trade in general. As a result, Germany first had to be contained, and then later removed. It can be argued that Britain’s demise began on 1815 after the Congress of Vienna, but once again we can travel back to the Medieval period and see that perhaps even then the signs were clear for all to see.

Great Agitator

One may ask what the public opinion was like during these times, with the financial sector in London purely focused on the control of the seas. The Victorian workhouses and general poor quality of life and life expectancy during Industrialisation is known to all, and preceding this, inequality and poverty was in plain sight to even the Native Americans, who were shipped over to London like performing animals to presuade the Queen to offer her financial backing for future colonial expeditions.

Edward Bernays’ book “Propaganda”, written in 1928, offers an insight into how public consciousness in Britain was artificially spoon-fed to the working classes. In order to shape the collective conscious of the British public into accepting World War 1 as something both necessary and beneficial, the mass media needed to be mobilised. The national newspapers available to the public included the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, the News of the World, the Evening Standard, the Telegraph & Star, and the Daily Mail. 

These newspapers were assigned the task of beating the war drums loud enough so that the general public would depict the “evil” Kaiser as a dictator that had to be removed. Arthur Ponsonby, in 1928, wrote a book that documents the methods these newspapers used to ensure a positive public attitude towards what was frankly an invasion of Germany. Here are a few examples from the book:

  • The Daily Mail, on September 9th 1914, published an agitative article that reinforced the rumour that Russian troops were passing through Britain towards the Western Front. There were rumours of this throughout the military circles, but no steps were taken to attempt to debunk them. Instead, the British military used this frenzy to their advantage. The green light was given for the press to run riot with the story. The Daily Mail then reported that the Russian troops were in France. The House of Commons, on November 18th 1914, were forced to admit that there were no Russian troops. 
  • After spending months personifying the Kaiser as the ultimate evil, the Daily Mail published a picture of him with the caption  “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Shortly afterwards, the Daily Mail, the Times, and the Daily News all reverted back to attacking him in order to back the British campaign against the Boers. The Daily Mail wrote on October 1st 1914:

“He is beginning to realize the desperate character of the adventure on which the Kaiser embarked when he made his wanton war”

  • On September 22nd, 1914, the Daily Mail published a letter written by William Blake Richmond, which refers to the Kaiser as a “lunatic” who wont put fear into England. It continues: 

“This last act of the barbarian chief will only draw us all closer together to be rid of a  scourge the like of which the civilised world has never seen before.

The madman is piling up the logs on his own pyre. We can have no terror of the monster; we shall clench our teeth in determination that if we die to the last man the modern Judas and his hell-begotten brood shall be wiped out…”

  • An account by the former editor of the Sunday Times, Captain Wilson, appeared in the New York Times on February 24th 1922:

“A correspondent of the London Daily Mail, Captain Wilson, found himself in Brussels at the time the war broke out. They telegraphed out that they wanted stories of atrocities. Well, there weren’t any atrocities at that time. So then they telegraphed out that they wanted stories of refugees. So I said to myself, “That’s fine, I won’t have to move.” There was a little town outside Brussels where one went to get dinner – a very good dinner, too. I heard the Hun had been there. I supposed there must have been a baby there. So i wrote a heart-rending story about the baby of Courbeck Loo being rescued from the Hun in the light of the burning homesteads. 

The next day they telegraphed out to me to send the baby along, as they had about five thousand letters offering to adopt it. The day after that babies clothes began to pour into the office. Even Queen Alexandra wired her sympathy and sent some clothes. Well, I couldn’t wire back to them that there wasn’t a baby. So I finally arranged with the doctor that took care of the refugees that the blessed baby died of some very contagious disease, so it couldn’t even have a public burial. 

And we got lady Northcliffe to start a crêche with all the baby clothes.  

  • A falsified story about a German U-boat Commander was published in the Daily Mail on July 12th 1918:

“Staff-Paymaster Collingwood Hughes, R.N.V.R., of the Naval Intelligence Division of the Admiralty, lecturing yesterday at the Royal Club, St. James’s Square, said that one of our patrol boats in the Atlantic found a derelict U-boat. After rescuing the crew our commander inquired of the Hun captain if all were safely aboad, as it was intended to blow up the U-boat. 

“Yes,” came the reply, “they are here. Call the roll.” Every German answered. The British Commander was about to push off before dropping a depth charge, when tapping was heard.

“Are you quite sure there is no one on board your boat?” he repeated.

“Yes,” declared the Hun captain.

But the tapping continued, and the British officer ordered a search of the U-boat. There were found in it, tied up as prisoners, four British seamen. The rescued Germans were going to allow their prisoners to be drowned.

The story was deemed to be unverified and “without” foundation in the House of Commons on July 15th and 23rd, 1918.

If history is anything to go by, the Daily Mail sure does lie a lot. Fast forward to recent times, and, nothing has changed. Today the chief editor is Paul Dacre, who has, in the past acted as a cheerleader for the official narrative of 9/11 and Zionist Israel’s ethnic cleansing, and blamed the MH17 shoot down on Putin. The general narrative of the Daily Mail in Post Modern Britain can be summarised as follows:

  • Class warfare
    • A continuous daily barrage against the working class and the concept of welfare. 


  • Internal racial agitator 
    • In line with their worshipping of the Royal Family, they insist on pure English blood – “There ain’t no black in the Union Jack” – a notorious far-right slogan. There is a difference between being nationalistic and wanting the various cultures around the world to stay within their pre-prescribed UN-defined country borders, and thinking that ‘foreigners’ are subhuman or inferior. 


  • External Racial Agitator
    • The Daily Mail throws daily fuel on the fire of racial tension, assisting NATO in their Divide and Conquer strategy. They flexibly orientate their headlines to ebb and flow with the narrative given to them by their Atlanticist masters. One headline will say the migrants are monsters, the next will use the migrants as a weapon to demonize others. 


  • Maintaining the position of the Tories and medieval Feudalism 
    • The Royal Family must remain at the summit of social stratification, peasants must be humiliated and spiritually crushed. The myth of the Middle class is embodied in the Daily Mail – “you too may dress and conduct yourself like the Queen or Kate Middleton” (cognitive slavery). 

  • Aiding and abetting Washington’s Military Industrial Complex
    • This permanent role is assigned to ALL mainstream media outlets, whether the Hipster interns like it or not. Profit comes before human loss. 1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s is almost erotic for the Daily Mail – arabs are killed, bombs are dropped, Britain gets to flaunt its macho military image, America is happy – it’s win-win for everyone.

  • Russiaphobia
    • Much like the preceding paragraph, depicting Russia as an out-of-control demon is a mandatory theme for any NATO newspaper. If it rains, it’s Russia’s fault. Slav’s are inferior, undeveloped, conniving thugs who are not British. They can’t be trusted, and thus the RAF must defend the population against their aggression. 

Notice the deliberate positioning of the lead story next to a different one about a Royal Baby – the Daily Mail pretends that the Royal family define what being “British” is. Thus, attacking the Royal Family is like attacking the wider “British” ,”middle-class” family. 

All of the aforementioned narratives are currently in danger of not only being exposed, but also revised. Russia’s strategical involvement in Syria, at the invitation of the legal Head of State, Bashar al-Assad, is a chess move that puts many of the opponents’ pieces in great danger. Of course, the word ‘danger’ in this sense signifies the collapse of the unipolar world. In order to contend with the Anglo empire’s diminishing power due to their incompetent understanding of hybrid war, the Daily Mail has resorted to throwing many stones in the glasshouse. From being a fervent supporter of an ideology represented by the English Defence League, they are now extremely concerned about not only the welfare of Syrian civilians, but also the very foreign nations that for decades they have dehumanized.

The show must go on

On March 5th, 2016, the Daily Mail published an article entitled:

“Putin’s weapon of mass destruction – migration: By blitzing Syria, Russia’s leader is cynically stoking the migrant crisis in a bid to tear Europe apart. The response from the EU to the biggest crisis of our time is, frankly, pathetic”

The first thing to notice is the word “Blitz”, which carries extremely heavy connotations in Britain. If one were to mention the word to an elderly woman at a bus stop, images of German munitions and the Luftwaffe causing blackouts immediately will send her mind into a neurotic seizure.

There is a strange phenomenon in the UK where the media use the word “Blitz” to denote different things, which can be summarised as:

  • Using the graphic images artificially embedded in the British collective conscious, created by a barrage of media propaganda during World War 2, as a weapon to justify violations of international law:

The notorious Sun headline that openly called for genocide using a fictitious poll to illustrate their narrative. The Sun also has spent most of their existence promoting bigoted views, but reverse-engineers the trend when NATO demands.

  • Using the word “Blitz” to laterally project meaning – i.e. linking Putin in 2016 to the SS in 1944.

Returning to the March 6th Daily Mail article, the first few words of the title are emotional ‘triggers’ for 9/11, Saddam Hussain, and Hitler in WW2.

The opening section:

The Daily Mail is using the tactic of descriptive writing to rely on the preconceived thought patterns of the cognitively enslaved masses. Hollywood’s main purpose is to embed fear and prejudice inside the Mainstream Media consumer. It is certainly no coincidence that the majority of movie antagonists are either Russian or Arabic.

Everything that is being described is exactly what NATO themselves are doing. Destabilising the Balkans ONLY benefits the West – it disrupts Gazprom’s natural gas projects, displaces orthodox christians, reestablishes Bosnia as a Salafi enclave, pulls countries like Montenegro and Belarus behind the new Iron Curtain, and damages the historical relations between Greece and Russia. But there is no need to repeat what the majority of well informed people already know, the statements in the opening section are an embarrassment. 

The article claims that migrants are magically going to, unassisted, end up in Kent, bypassing the border police, the London ring road, and the Dartford crossing. I hope someone tells them about the new pay scheme for the Dartford crossing… Of course, the government will turn their backs on this to allow the influx, but the Daily Mail wants us to think that all levels of security will be physically over powered by Putin’s proxies. Anyone who has been to Dover and witnessed Operation Stack knows that this is a laughable fantasy. 

Next section:

The Daily Mail has found its compassion suddenly. The thought of these poor migrants being frogmarched to Europe by Putin at gunpoint tugs at the heart-strings. It is phrased to sound very organic and innocent. There is no mention of the IMF’s pillaging of Greece, the rise of Marine Le Pen and the protests of French farmers against the Russia sanctions, the “rapefugees” in Cologne etc, Europe is just the innocent victim of a Vodka drinking bully. 

Next section:

General Breedlove defines “sober realism”?

Let’s just follow the logic here: Assad wants to remove the Syrian people, and has dropped 20,000 barrels bombs.

1) This doesn’t explain the HUNDREDS of videos on the internet of the Syrian people offering their support to Bashar and his army, and their contempt for the Jihadi NATO proxies.

2) There is not even a single smart phone video clip showing the Syrian Arab Army dropping a ‘barrel bomb’ on a civilian neighbourhood. There is however clips of Jaish al-Islam, a ‘moderate’ group according to Washington, locking Alawite women in cages for the purpose of human shields.

“It may sound unduly paranoid” – that’s because it is, and the author knows it is.

Next Section:

Brutal land grab? The author must mean the time when a legally binding internationally observed referendum was conducted in Sevastopol/Crimea, where 95.5% people were in favour of returning back home.

Dirty war in Ukraine? Apparently the author also missed the Coup d’etat and Nuland phone calls.

We also see blame being assigned to Merkel, thus, because no evidence is offered for any claims in this article, we can also say that Merkel is trying to destabilise Europe and the Balkans. We can state this blindly, and yet, it would be the truth. After all, Putin isn’t handing Erdogan billions in bribes…

Next section:

The opening sentence depicts the economical looting, conducted by Goldman Sachs, of Greece as being ‘one for the team’. The IMF only has the best interests of Europe at heart!

We then see what the article is all about – defaming the threats to NATO’s expansion. Le Pen, Putin, Farage (anti-EU but pro-NATO), and Trump – what do they all have in common? They do not fall into the ultra-liberal paradigm (Farage is debatable, but certainly less liberal than the Tories). Left-Right descriptions no longer have a place in politics. The Post Modern world no longer operatives in such a binary fashion. As Alexander Dugin said, “America is to the right of Trump, and to the left of Sanders”. America and Britain cannot continue to conduct invasion after invasion and expect social continuity. After some time, society will grow tired of being ignored and will want to see where their taxes are going. 

There is no far-right or far-left or anarchists or libertarians – there are only people who are saying ‘enough is enough, there will be no more blood shed in my name’. The Us and Them (Pink Floyd knew this too). France strives for, and Russia has, a collective identity, but this is something that Britain cannot understand, as it has never had one due to the nature of Feudalism. Britain is afraid that foreigners will damage the country’s ‘identity’, yet their ‘identity’ was built of colonialism and exploitation. Just ask the Native Americans.

Final section:

There isn’t much to say here, as it is all utter projection. Russia is being accused of doing what NATO actually is. The phrase “a Europe of borders and watchtowers, divisions of demagoguery, resentments and razor wire”, although an attempt by the author to depict Putin as Hitler once more, is a perfect depiction of NATO. The author must receive praise for this, it’s very accurate. There is one final point to make here – the UK is, and has never been, ‘Europe’. America needed a conduit to project power onto the main European Banks, and that is exactly what the UK has been and is doing. It is an extended process of World War 1, where Britain was begging US banks for cash; now the US is begging the UK banks to give cash to their Wahhabi, Zionist, and Ottoman buddies.


What is the real purpose behind this? The answer is known as Operation Gladio B. Russia must be prevented from interacting with their western neighbours, so the best way to approach the huge land mass separating the US and Russia is to use PROXIES. Of course, to answer fully how this is being done is a PhD thesis in itself, but the general idea is to firstly destabilise the Balkans, i.e. Orthodox Christianity. Secular nations, like Syria, are a huge obstacle that prevent the shifting of NATO across the globe. Thus, we see over 100 different Wahhabi groups, operating in Syria, trying to topple the democratically elected government. Of course, there are pipeline connotations involving Qatar, and other factors such as Greater Israel and Kurdistan, but the endgame is still Russia.

Occasionally, the proxies need to shake up the countries in danger of pivoting East by staging “terror attacks”, false flag or not, which serve the purpose of keeping people INSIDE their borders (fear), preventing interaction with Russia, and, more importantly, a chain reaction of ideological alignment. Combine this with Orwellian CCTV on every street corner and here we have the reason why the British government slashed the spending on the police force – the people are anaesthetised!

The British public last received a shakedown on 22nd May 2013, when some ‘lone wolf jihadis’ attacked and beheaded an off-duty Army soldier in Woolwich, London. Of course, the victim had a ‘Help for Heroes’ hooded sweatshirt on, like from a Hollywood script. Hero? No. Naive? Yes. 

These attacks are merely ‘booster’ injections of fear, deployed in case some people were left disillusioned after seeing British troops dying in Iraq for what is now known officially as an operation with no justification. The aim of the Woolwich incident was to maintain the intake of recruits into the Army, to maintain the stereotyped ‘all Arabs are terrorists’ bigoted viewpoint, and to induce a state of Stockholm Syndrome, where the public runs to the nanny state for help, who will in return reinforce their innate racism. The phrase “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”is very apt here. Would this brainwashing have worked had the public been well informed by their media about what was really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? We will never know. Perhaps there is a programmed defensive mechanism that prevents the British public from swallowing uncomfortable truths…

Our hero” – Instructions from the nanny state telling the public how to think and feel

There was no attempt to stop the man or at least defend the ‘victim’ – they all just stood and stared…

Concluding thoughts

They say you can’t teach an on old dog new tricks – this certainly applies to the United Kingdom. Struggling to find an identity post World War 2 other than being an American Lapdog, it is trapped in a paradox involving flag waving and the nanny state. The UK stages events to commemorate imperial genocide, where the public is given permission to wave the Union Jacks and St George’s flags even though it might offend the ‘muzzies’, and at the same time continues to read liberal NATO mouthpieces like the Daily Mail. On the one hand Britain has been hijacked by the Gulf monarchies, who use the nation’s assets as a business portfolio for Wall Street, and on the other hand by the AIPAC loving American Oligarchs across the Atlantic. 

In order to neutralise not only the Daily Mail, but also the nationwide state of anxiety, the British public must destroy the current ‘identity’ (being a conduit for Wahhabi/Salafi/Zionist/Atlanticist identities) by fully rejecting the Royal Family. Elizabeth’s SOLE purpose in modern times is to act as the beating heart of the nanny state, which gives the spiritually lost masses their medicine when they are close to experiencing a moment of clarity. Remember, “You can dress just like Kate Middleton too”. The Daily Mail, printing masses of pro-Royal garbage, as well as articles about celebrity up-skirts (like Bild), epitomises Post Modern Britain and its illusion that the ‘middle class’ actually exists. 

Newspapers like The Sun, despite being the bottom of the intellectual barrel, only exist as long as Rupert Murdoch & co are willing to fund and print them. The Daily Mail is emotionally tied to the Royal Bloodline, so as long as the Royals exist, the Daily Mail will too. And in case you, the reader, are unsure about the Queen’s attitude towards Russia, here is your medicine, enjoy:

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