“Surgical Waste” in Odessa Cemetery – Who Is Buried in the Unknown Graves?

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

5th March, 2016

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A Youtube clip made by a local resident from Odessa, posted on February 26th, literally blew up social networks. The author argues that Ukrainian TV channel TSN showed photographs taken at the Odessa cemetery, while on the Ukrainian TV channel they were presented as photos from a cemetery in Rostov-on-don.

To refute this misinformation, the author went, on February 23rd of this year, to the cemetery near Odessa, filming the entire journey, asking passers-by where it is, so there was no doubt that the recorded footage is in Odessa, and not in Rostov.

“Oh my God, how awful”

Whilst discussing this movie, only Ukrainian social media users maintain deep silence, with the rest of the comments resembling a roll call from around the world.

“Friends, this video does not display on phones and tablets”.

“Everything indicates this is Odessa, confirmed…”

“Perm, everything is perfectly visible!”

“Laptop in Moscow works!”

“I myself have shown. Nizhny Novgorod”.

“Kaliningrad is all shown”.

“In Germany is not shown”.

“They’ve watched it. Still silent. Hope, they think about it.”

“OMG, how awful.. No name, no date of birth – people don’t exist – just the remnants after organ harvesting”

“OMG, how awful.. No name, no date of birth – people don’t exist – just the remnants after organ harvesting”. Anyone who watches the video will be terrified not only by the number of nameless graves, but also the cynical inscriptions on them – “Surgical waste”. However, some of the graves have crosses already, apparently, placed by relatives, but the bulk of the graves and remains of the mounds have signs indicating that “waste” is buried from the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.

Information about the mass graves appeared in the summer of 2014 right after the tragedy of the Odessa House of trade unions. At the time, Odessa activists took the first photographs of a place where there was a mass grave with strange signs.

Until 2014, there were no surgical waste burial practices as they were burned in the small crematorium on Valikhovs’kyi lane, Odessa, which is designed for this. And only after the “revolution of a dignity” in Kiev did anonymous mass graves appear.

We all remember!

After photos from the Odessa cemetery were published on social networks in 2014, many expressed doubts whether these photos were taken in Odessa. I then offered to make a report with reference to the terrain, to which the citizens answered saying that already tried, but stumbled upon members of the National guard. Imagine, there was an outpost of officers of law-enforcement bodies at the cemetery! By the way, one brave soul was even detained for trying to take photos.

Perhaps the Ukrainian authorities should end their silence and uncover the secret?

I no longer began to work on the idea, to not expose people under the punitive machine of the new democracy. But as time passed, apparently, the authorities decided that we had forgotten about the site. This was in vain. We all remember.

And a big thank you to Odessites who agreed to provide us with proof of the existence of mass graves named “Surgical waste” in Odessa, and not in the mythical Rostov-on-don. Yes, the forgotten fallen soldiers is a stain on the reputation of the state. Yes, you can still find the remains of soldiers of WWII who were honorably buried dozens of years after their death, but this is a different story — forgotten graves hidden under the guise of mounds tagged as surgical waste.

In Odessa this field has already been called “bone field” or “field of the roasted”, because many soldiers were burned in jets or tanks in the area ATO. It is clear that the authorities and their cronies did not like the disclosure of such information, but you cannot hide an awl in a sack. Sooner or later they will have to answer to the international community, how it could happen that people in Central Europe were turned into surgical waste.

Who are these people?

Now we move to the issues frequently discussed on social networks about the relationship of these burials with the events of May 2 in Odessa. Once again I want to remind you that the first photo of the graves in Odessa were made in the summer of 2014, after the Odessa tragedy. By the way, in the video we find confirmation of this — there are fixed parts of the graves that are already overgrown and different from the fresh graves of the soil subsidence that occurs, as you know, about a year after burial.

Thus, we can say for sure that this is not the Rostov cemetery, which was mentioned on TSN, but Odessa. The number of graves indicates that this is a mass grave of unknown people. In addition to these facts, a number of other issues arise.

Who’s buried in the graves with signs saying “Surgical waste”? If the corpses are from the fields of the ATO, why did they have to be transported a hundred miles from the battlefield?

Are these the graves of the mass killings at Odessa House of Trade Unions on 2 May 2014?

Who set up the crosses and wreaths on individual graves, and if it is the relatives of the dead, how did they learn that it was here their relatives were buried in a nameless cemetery?

An investigation into the Odessa Khatyn tragedy, the mass executions on the Maidan, and the worthless losses during the armed conflict in Donbass – the currently active regime is unable to do it, and there is a need for an international investigation. Only a thorough investigation can answer the question of who is buried in Odessa cemetery, and why the current government hinders the investigation of mass deaths of their own people.

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