Surrounded by Daesh fighters near Palmyra, Russian forward observer called in fire on his own position

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Sputnik Italy March 25, 2016

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter

Officer of Russian special forces died during fighting in Palmyra

The officer was discovered by Daesh fighters while sending the coordinates for a Russian Air Force raid. Realizing he was surrounded by the Islamists, he called in a strike on himself.

An officer of the Russian special forces died in Syria in service while sending Aviation coordinates of the terrorists in the Palmyra area, spokesman for the Russian Hmeymim airbase told journalists.

“While transmitting Daesh terrorist coordinates to the Air Force to carry out a raid near Palmyra, an officer of the Russian special forces met his death. For a week he had performed his military mission by sending the exact coordinates of the terrorists to allow Russian planes to carry out precision strikes,” said the Russian representative.

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According to the spokesman, the soldier died heroically, having directed the fire to his own position, since he had been found and surrounded by terrorists.

As reported yesterday on the website of the Ministry of Defense, according to the Bulletin of the Center for reconciliation in Syria, March 2o to March 23, the Russian fighter planes carried out 41 missions near Palmira, hitting 146 terrorist installations. More than 320 Islamists were eliminated, along with six terrorist control points, five tanks, six guns, two ammunition depots, and 15 off-road vehicles.

The Syrian army troops and allied militias are now storming Palmira. Violent confrontations with Islamic fundamentalists are taking place in the southwestern part of the city.

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