Ten Facts About Post 9/11 Resource Wars

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March 25, 2016

Tate Ulsaker

One of the most simple crimes to understand is murder. If murder is premeditated, it is understood to be a worse crime. And if murder is done to achieve financial goals, it is even worse again. And if murder is not just one person but hundreds or millions, it is genocide, the worst crime in human history. The only crime worse than genocide-for-profits is if using radioactive WMDs that continue to kill still more innocent people long after the original crime was done.

How do warmongers gain support for these kinds of crimes? They present them as required actions, showcasing the “urgent need” to take “effective action” to “end threats” and “bring peace” and “engage the enemy” on their turf so that we can “enjoy freedom”.

They present the need to spend trillions of dollars but they don’t have an exit strategy nor do they end any previous wars before they engage some more. Why? Just follow the money.
Contrary to the claims of warmongers these wars are not complex to understand, but are deceptively simple to understand, as these 10 facts hopefully illustrate…

Fact #1: Ten trillion dollars has been made on the deaths of ten million civilians in which 10 countries were bombed since 9/11.

Fact #2: Mathematically, that is on million dollars for each dead civilian.

Fact #3: Large numbers of dead civilians are required prior to mass oil thefts. (A functional country requires negotiation and market level purchases.)

Fact #4: Oil and other resources flow in one direction – away from the bombed countries and into the bombing countries, (benefiting not the bombing country primarily, but a tiny handful of elites that make the wars happen.)

Fact #5: Use of WMDs have been documented only in one direction – onto US target countries. (ironic, rich and dark)

Fact #6: None of these wars have been successful politically.

Fact #7: All of these wars have been profitable to the insiders that sell weapons, steal resources, install puppet leadership and make confiscatory bank loan deals to take even more resources, industry, other country assets.

Fact #8: All resource wars are based on lies in which the liars were not prosecuted for inventing lies that cost millions of lives.

Fact #9: Many liars who made these wars happen also made a lot of money (but the whistle-blowers that expose war crimes are the only ones being prosecuted).

Fact #10: The elites tell us that these wars are complex. They are not complex. They are obscenely simple: War is a racket.

The ones who speak out against these crimes are forever on the right side of history no matter what others say about them. 

Be on the right side of history! 

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