The Crocodile Tears of Mogherini


March 24, 2016

News Front

Alexander Rogers

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

News from Brussels is getting better.

1. The king of Belgium announced that he is ready to accept the challenge of global terrorism. And ran away.

2. The people of Brussels announced that they are not intimidated, and will adequately respond to terrorists: are holding hands and drawing with crayons.

3. Federica Mogherini, weeping for the victims, stated that the policy towards Syria and Syrian ‘opposition’ will not be revised.

This is called  “crocodile tears”.

I understand and deeply sympathize with all the adequate people of Europe who have ended up in this madhouse. I myself had to go through this in Ukraine during the Euro-Maidan protests. When you understand that something completely insane is going on, and everyone around you has irrevocably [email protected] up and is hopping around.

A few years ago, among other things, I was a practicing psychologist. And several times faced a specific phenomenon.

A patient comes to you and talks about his problems. You listen, you see the problem and point it out to the patient: “Here is the nail, it should get off of it”. And he’ll answer: “Excuse me, doctor, but this is my favorite nail, I cannot live without it. Better give me a pill for my head”.

You tell him: “There is a nail in your ass, the wound is bleeding, and you are fidgeting. Get off immediately”. And the answer: “You are a bad doctor, you don’t want to give me a pill”.

And you understand that cure is impossible without realizing the true causes of the disease and work on eliminating them.

The cause of terrorist attacks in Brussels and refugee crisis is the policy of USA and its satellites of overthrowing the secular governments in the Middle East (whether through “color revolutions” or direct military intervention), which resulted in radical fundamentalists and religious fanatics coming to power in these countries.

And continued support of ‘the opposition’ in Syria is a direct support of those who organized Brussels attacks.

In order to solve the problems in Europe we need to help Assad destroy the jihadists and restore the economy of Syria. Instead, European bureaucrats are going to continue to support the chaos in Syria and other countries in the region. While drawing anti-terrorist pictures with crayons on the bloodstained pavement.

The nail is so dear, that getting off is not considered.

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