They Are Not Fascists, Just Deeply in Love With Their Fatherland, Ukraine…

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd March, 2016


On 27th February in Kiev, the infamous club ‘BarHot’ had another Russophobic party – called “Bloody Pastor Ball”. Previously in this club, they already ate a cake in the shape of a Russian baby, arranged the execution of a Russian pilot, and a year ago, “cut out” the liver of a rebel. This time the highlight of the show was “tearing out the heart of the green man”. In addition, they staged the rewarding of Yatsenyuk for “murdering Russian soldiers”, “Putin” was forced “to apologize to the people of Ukraine” and shouting “Shukhevych – hero of Poland!”. Also demonstrated was “cutting” off the head of Kadyrov to put it into a jar.

The menu was, as usual with “Russian babies”:

And of course, as usual, there are no Nazis in Ukraine, this is just a photoshop:

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Cut off the head of Kadyrov:

“Ripping out” the heart of the green man:

Just degenerates:

Video: Bloody Pastor Ball – Party in Kiev.

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