Trump Hires Former Gazprom Consultant as Foreign Policy Adviser

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March 28, 2016

Israel Info 

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

The leading candidate for US president from Republican party, Donald Trump hired investment banker Carter Page, who worked with investments in the oil and gas industry, as his foreign policy adviser. Before he created his own investment fund Global Energy Capital, Page worked at Merrill Lynch, was a consultant of the Russian state monopolist “Gazprom” and spent three years in Moscow.

Trump’s foreign policy adviser has very exotic, by American standards, views about the world. He believes in conspiracy theories, agrees with Chinese state TV in its criticism of U.S. foreign policy and fiercely defends Russia from Western sanctions.

In the US they already noticed that the Kremlin is sympathetic towards Donald Trump: state media and members of the political leadership of Russia have given positive feedback of the eccentric scandalous billionaire and expressed hope that he will be the next President of the United States. The views of Trump’s adviser Carter Paige help understand the reason for this affection.

On the pages of Global Policy Paige fumed about the “false philosophy and draconian tactics” of NATO, explained the actions of the authorities of Russia, Iran and China as a “response” to the “humiliating treatment” by the United States and accused the West of creating “economic disaster in Russia and Ukraine”, stated that the revolution in Kiev was staged by Victoria Nuland, and so on in the same spirit. 

A Russian expert from the Hudson Institute Hannah Tobam says that Paige’s many public statements about Russia and Ukraine sound “as if taken directly from Russia Today”.

Trump’s adviser argued that the growing resistance from the U.S. to Russia’s interference in the Middle East is a resurgence of “Cold war mentality”, and only a strengthening of partnership with Russia can help the US in stabilizing the situation in Iraq and the Middle East in general.

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