US Building a Powerful Radar on the Russian Border

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th March, 2016


The US government has decided to, in the near future, build a powerful new radar station in Norway, right on the border with Russia.

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The radar will be installed in the polar Finnmark province, which borders the Murmansk region. This is not the first  instance of such equipment in the area. On the border of Norway and Russia, one station has been in operation for a few years, presenting its findings directly to Washington. The Pentagon has already allocated over $100 million for the new construction, and this is only for the first year of the project’s implementation.

It is assumed that the radar will start its intelligence activities against Russia in 2020. Simultaneously, the modernization of the existing American radar “Globus-2” from the late 1990’s will be held in Vardø. A new radar station will replace the old radar in the future, but at first, after the launch of the new station, they will work together.

The “Globus” radar type  is able to track the launches of Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and monitor the activity of the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy in the Arctic region, operating a US missile defense system. However, the Norwegian authorities deny that they know about such espionage activities of the US military on its territory.

The government of Norway refused to comment on the construction of a new station, citing its commitments to NATO.

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