US Residents Don’t Recognize Significant Role of Russia and Europe in the Fight Against ISIS

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

3rd March, 2016


According to a survey commissioned by the Agency Sputnik, the majority of US citizens believe that their country plays a crucial role in the fight against terrorist group “Islamic State” in Syria. At the same time, according to the Pentagon, Russia, just in February 2016,  inflicted 7725 airstrikes on ISIS positions in Syria, while the US conducted 3267.

About 80% of Americans believe that Washington is the main force in the fight against the terrorist organizations ISIS and “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Syria. In second place, according to residents of the US, is France (36%), the third — Great Britain. Only then in the ranking of the contribution to the fight against terrorists in Syria is Russia (25%). This data was obtained through a survey in the US conducted by the research company Populus, commissioned by the news Agency and radio Sputnik. Respondents were asked the question: “Which country has played a leading role in the fight against ISIS?”

The people of Europe see the situation quite differently. In Germany people were asked the same question, and it was discovered that, in the opinion of the citizens of Germany, Russia and the United States contribute almost equally to the fight against terrorists in Syria (36% and 38% respectively). In third place according to the survey is France (25%). Interestingly, almost a quarter of respondents (24%) ranked the government forces of Bashar al-Assad and the Kurds among the forces fighting terrorism.

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The top three countries that play the most significant role in the fight against ISIS, according to the French, is as follows: USA (32%), France (29%) and Russia (23%). UK residents put the US in first place — according to 59% of respondents. The British put their own country in second place: their significant contribution was expressed by 52% of citizens who participated in the survey. In third place is France (39%), and fourth — Russia (37%).

In Germany and France, respondents were asked who, in their opinion, has played a leading role in the fight against ISIS. They were asked to choose up to three options.

The surveys in the US and the UK were carried out by the major research company Populus from 3rd to 4th February 2016. In Germany — by the company Forsa from 4th to 8th February 2016, and in France — iFop, the oldest company conducting opinion polls, from 3rd to 5th February 2016. The number of participants: in the UK – 1047 respondents, in the US – 1004, in Germany — 1002, and in France — 1499.

Project Sputnik.Polls

The international project for the study of public opinion was launched in January 2015. The partners are well-known research companies Populus, Forsa and Ifop. In the framework of the project Sputnik.Polls public opinion surveys are regularly conducted in European countries and the US on the most pressing social and political issues.

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