Who is Better (or Worse) for Russia: Trump or Hillary – Misery or Death?


March 24, 2016

Mikhail Delyagin

Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Mikhail Delyagin

We are used to consider Trump a non-systemic candidate, but we did not notice that it is no longer so.

Once the final confrontation with Clinton became likely at the beginning of the presidential race, it became clear that this is a confrontation between the two poles of contemporary American society in which any strong centrist candidate will achieve victory.


The proper intellectual task of the moment is analysis of these forces, in particular, to understand whether they will force the Glencore bankruptcy followed by a financial storm and the probable loss of not only Credit Suisse, – but here and now the main thing is the very fact of their emergence.

Trump only started as a non-system upstart. Once he has proved his right for a political existence, he was “picked up”: such is the nature of the modern world with its eerie lack of authenticity. And receiving support from the forces, so influential, that they were able to persuade Vice President Biden and the wizard of business information Bloomberg, greatly increases his potential.

Yes, I completely agree with you: everything can change, and not just once.

But today our [Russian preferred – FR] President, US President, is Trump, and while this is so, it should be taken into account.

Allow me to digress from the topic and show my national subjectivity: for Russia, Trump means a very difficult and harsh, but predictable relationship, and US objectives, both declared and real, will, with all the discomfort be generally acceptable to us.

Hillary means war, and if the hybrid war to destroy Russia would not succeed, she, as far as we can see, will not stop before unleashing conventional war.

Judging by the sounds that Mrs. Clinton, according to different sources, had expressed when watching the video of the brutal killing of Qaddafi, she experienced from this horror something resembling an orgasm. There is reason to believe (at least, if you trust professional psychiatrists) that she will spare nothing, neither Russia nor the U.S. nor the entire world – in her drive to experience this orgasm again, when viewing similar or even more brutal video of Vladimir Putin’s killing.

I’m afraid that Hillary Clinton in the chair of the President of the United States – is not just a dangerous lunatic. She is a lunatic, mortally dangerous to all humanity, which will become a threat to the very existence of our civilization.

Perhaps self-evidence of this reasoning was one of the factors providing Trump with systemic political support at the global level.

Of course, he is not a gift, causes concern, tension and requires a lot of patience. He differs from Zhirinovsky, like USA from Russia; but their functionality is pretty close. However, he means for the world – I emphasize this, Russia’s interests are not different from the interests of other social organisms, – life, even if very difficult, while Hillary Clinton means war and a threat of death.

I guess we can take this into account in our daily activities in the remaining seven months.

(From the working meeting with heads of regional branches of the Institute of Problems of Globalization, on March 18, 2016)

Mikhail Gennadyevich Delyagin (born 1968) is a modern Russian author, politician and economist. Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Director of the Institute of Problems of Globalization (IPROG) and former chairman of the ideological council of the Rodina political party.

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