Why Are the Children of Donbass Not Nadia Savchenko?

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

14th March, 2016


This photo is from the album “Nikishino – one year later”, posted on his page of Igor Ivanov on Facebook. The album includes 77 shocking photos about life in the devastated regions of Donbass.

These photos are not just photos from one small mining town somewhere on the outskirts of Donetsk region. These photographs are evidence of tens of thousands of ruined lives. It’s what the Maidan brought to Donbass. This is what Mr. Poroshenko meant when he promised that “the children of Donbass will sit in basements”. This is something that the so-called “civilized world” and the “democratic community” still closes its eyes to, as Kiev vows its commitment to peace while bringing in heavy weapons to the demarcation line.

The childhood of this little girl flows amongst the death and ruins. All she sees around her is desolation and war. The war was unleashed against the people of Donbass after they refused to recognize the legitimacy of coup d’etat committed in February 2014 with the support of those same “democratic organizations”.

“At this point, about a third of residents have come back to Nikishino, although it is impossible to call it normal living conditions. Many have to live in the summer kitchenettes, basements, or the only remaining undamaged rooms. What catches your eye is that most of the affected homes are already exempt from debris.

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At the moment about 30 children live in the village, most of them primary school students, who already have not been at school for three months. The local school was destroyed and  the nearest schools are only accessible on the school bus, which for various reasons has long not been seen on the streets of the village… How many more useless destroyed villages and districts…” Igor Ivanov writes on his page on Facebook.

And these shocking images of a once peaceful and prosperous region, oddly enough, do not cause  a violent reaction within the “global democratic community”. For some reason, they are not very worried about the fate of this girl and hundreds and thousands of such children of Donbass, which, despite the so-called “truce”, continue to be in danger from the Ukrainian “soldiers of light”. But the world’s democratic community is very concerned about open trial of Nadiya Savchenko, a member of the “Aidar” volunteer battalion.

“The West’s position regarding Savchenko is impressive. Europeans and Americans eagerly demand her release. But is it possible that Western people don’t know that the President has no right to release someone? He can only pardon a prisoner, and only then after a conviction. While there is no sentence, all the EU and the US’ statements regarding Savchenko are obvious pressure on the Russian legal system. The question arises, how dare they call themselves Europeans after this?”, – commented the Deputy of third convocation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the Committee of Rescue of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleynyk.

“The hypocritical “democratic community” regularly proves that it doesn’t care about human rights, as it would be impossible to profit from it if they did, “- says the Ukrainian journalist Alexander Rogers.

Worrying about the fate of Savchenko, world human rights organizations for some reason do not see at all that in today’s Ukraine, thousands of people are in prison just for having dared to express an alternative point of view, refusing to recognize the coup. Also, as the world democratic community remains for some reason absolutely indifferent to the fate of Ruslan Kotsaba, Artem Buzila, Yuri Apuhtin and other political prisoners, thousands of them sitting in jails and detention centers in Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Mariupol.

“We must call a spade a spade: the Ukrainian regime is a terrorists organization that seized power, despite all its attempts to legalize itself.  And with this power, you need to talk with the organization that embarked on the path of terror. We have to admit: Ukraine has no freedom of speech, no independent media, the parliamentary opposition is destroyed, and human rights are violated”, – said Oleynyk.

By the way, you will not find such photos of the ruins of Kiev or Lviv. Because Donbass did not blow up a single village near Kiev or Lviv. Donbass did not steal the childhood of either a Lviv or Kiev girl, destroying her home, killing her neighbors and family, depriving her of kindergarten and school.

This photo of a girl at the Donetsk ruins is the answer to the question of who is to blame…

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