Yatsenyuk not going anywhere, but Jaresko, Clean Government, and a “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine wait in the wings.


In Scintilla Rossa, February 29, 2016

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter March 16, 2016
Original title: “The political crisis and subsequent paralysis in Ukraine have in no small way alarmed the European Chancelleries, especially in Berlin.”
The kerfluffle over Arseniy Yatsenyuk has no end in sight. The bane of Petro Poroshenko, with whom communications have reportedly hit bottom, is becoming a real international issue. Last night, the host of the program “Ten minutes with the Prime Minister” broadcast on various channels of Ukrainian TV, and the leader of the Popular Front gave his attention to attacking “The forces within the country eager to assume power.”

According to the Premier, his government “has gotten more accomplished in one year than any preceding government has done in the last 20 years.”

Such words from Yatsenyuk went straight to Bankova Street [Like 10 Downing St in London –Tr] and put Poroshenko into a rage. The Premier in fact, has not the least intention of resigning. At least, not until he is guaranteed spacious maneuvering room in any succeeding government.

“The government has been pursuing and has put in place a plan o action for 2016 and is ready to implement it.”  
But on Poroshenko’s desk various differing scenarios are being kept open. The names of Turchinov and Groisman, which have bubbled to the top lately, have cooled, and eyes now are on the idea of a technical executive branch steered by Natalia Jaresko, currently Kiev’s finance minister, with a past in the biggest US financial houses. 

For now, actually, in the corridors of the Rada, the Lady from Washington would have the necessary votes. But at the same time, the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti, a few days back, wrote that Poroshenko would hardly take any drastic measures without US approval.

Actually, in government circles it is being bruited about that there’d be no objection from US Vice President Joe Biden to the ejection of Yatsenyuk, but, one reads further in Vesti, “the candidacy of Jaresko would be an attempt to “bribe” the US to obtain their support for the firing of Yatsenyuk.” 

Yet, in the dynamics of Ukrainian politics,  it’s not just the transatlantic interests that weigh in, but also those of the European Union that have stuck their face in over the matter of Kiev’s progress.

Not surprisingly, the political crisis and the resulting paralysis has somewhat alarmed the European chancelleries, especially Berlin. Last week, the German Foreign Minister Steinmeier was in Kiev along with his French colleague Ayrault. The official reason was to see firsthand the situation of the country, but the real reason could be something else: the implementation in the country of a European “Marshall Plan” Ukraine.

To talk about this hypothesis today was Karl-Georg Welman, a power in Angela Merkel’s CDU. Interviewed by the Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya, the deputy of the Bundestag did not mince words: “I do not want Europe to be getting tired of persistent corruption. […] So we are working on a new strategy for the stabilization and development of Ukraine with increased financial and political commitment. It is ‘something new that will be defined by the Association Agreement. It is ‘a new strategy’ still under development, that has not yet officially became part of policy. This idea includes a “Marshall Plan” for economic recovery, for management, for the judiciary […] If this “Marshall Plan” ever starts in, it will only be under the full control and monitoring (of Germany). The fate of Ukraine is Europe. “

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