Yushchenko Calls for Support of the Upcoming Third Maidan

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

1st March, 2016


Ukraine is on the threshold of a new Maidan. This opinion was expressed by former President Viktor Yushchenko, who came to power through the “Orange revolution” in 2004.

The third Ukrainian President urged Ukrainians to support the new revolution.

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“I can smell the burning tires. And, believe me, this will be a third Maidan, and not an imitation, which recently took place in the center of Kiev”, — said Yushchenko.

According to him, Ukraine will have stepped far forward if the impulses of the Orange and Euromaidan transformed into a real political movement.

“Both of the Maidan events have not given rise to a new movement that would become the backbone, the foundation for the construction of the political framework of the nation and in Parliament and in the government. Once again, we choose between the old political forces that cannot and do not want to build relationships with civil society differently. They took the gallant people from Maidan, diluted several parties to get the votes of the electorate – and in all the factions the logic of interaction was old. This is wrong, we need fundamentally new political forces”, — declared the ex-President in an interview with the agency “Gordon”.

Also, the ex-President of Ukraine, who during his rule greatly undermined the economy of the country, gave advice to the current head of state Petro Poroshenko, who, in his opinion, should lead towards the absolute political consolidation of all forces of power.

“First, the President, the Parliament and the government should act with a clear precise and articulate plan of a military victory. Secondly, in parallel, to do everything for financial stability, economic growth, attracting investment… Thirdly – to develop and implement a new Marshall plan. It is the combination of these three tactical objectives that will lead to the main strategic goal – victory in war, economic development, avoidance of social conflicts, the unity of the nation,” said Yushchenko.

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