10 of the Ukrainian military’s most dastardly strikes


Life.ru, April 27, 2016
Text: Sergei Trofimov
Photos: Valery Melnikov, RiaNovosti
This translation: Tom Winter for Fort Russ
Ukrainian nationalist fighters of Battalion “Aydar” fired mortars on Elenovka village near Donetsk, killing four civilians, including a pregnant woman. Another eight people were injured. Life present photos of 10 of the most vile attacks of Ukrainian security forces on the civilian population in the territory of Donbass.

Terror from the sky

June 2, 2014, two Ukrainian Air Force jets launched a missile attack on the center of Lugansk Regional State Administration building. The strikes killed eight people (three men and five women), 28 were wounded by shrapnel. Among the dead – Natalia Arkhipova, Minister of Health of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

Journalists in the crosshairs

June 17, 2014 a crew of traffic police came under mortar fire crew at the entrance to the village of Metalist at Lugansk. Journalist Anton Voloshin and sound engineer Igor Kornelyuk took to the road to see and document the conflict. Literally a minute later a shell hit them. Anton Voloshin and Igor Kornelyuk were killed.

A car is blown apart

August 6, 2014, near the village of Dmitrovka of the Donetsk region Ukrainian security forces fired on a passenger car of photojournalist Andrew Stenin, from MIA “Russia today,” causing the vehicle to explode. Killed with Stenin were information officers for the DPR Sergei Korenchenko and Andrei Vyachalo. The bodies of the journalists were discovered in the burnt car.

Fascist bombardment

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October 1, 2014, Donetsk. In the morning the intersection of Kiev avenue Printers Street was under fire from salvo fire systems. One of the shells hit the passenger bus. The shelling killed eight people. Six of them died in the street and two more – in the bus.   

Volley at the bus station

On the morning of February 11, 2015 The center of Donetsk came under fire from Ukrainian artillery. The bus station and communicating Donetsk Metallurgical Plant were hit. Four people were killed, five others wounded.

January 2015. The city Shakhtersk, Donetsk region 9-year-old Ivan Voronov was heavy injured during the shelling- he lost both an arm and a leg. The boy was wounded in the yard of his home, and his five-year brother and stepfather were killed. In Donetsk, the child had three complicated operations, after which he was transferred to Moscow for treatment. Ivan Voronov became the hero of many online posts with the hashtag # I am Vanya from the burning of Donbass.

Bloodied Volnovakha

January 13, 2015 The intercity Donetsk – Zlatoustovka bus was hit, when stopped at the checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha. The attack killed 12 passengers, 18 more were wounded. It was found that Ukrainian security forces detonated directional mines near the bus.

Assassination of Mozgovoi

May 23, 2015 near the village of Mikhailovka, a subversive group from the APU shot the commander of the 4th Battalion of Territorial Defence of the People’s Militia LNR (former “Phantom” Battalion). Near the old checkpoint at the village entrance they fired on Mosgovoi’s car witj automatic weapons. In the assassination of the battalion commander his spokesman, two guards, and the driver were killed.They also killed two civilians, whose car was at that moment near Mosgovoi’s.

Death on the Trolley

On the morning of January 22, 2015 Ukrainian security forces hit this trolley with mortar fire in the Leninsky district of Donetsk. The people in it were on their way to work. The shelling killed 15 people and 13 more suffered serious injuries. 

Sergei Trofimov

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