A second Légion d’Honneur to the family of Alexander Prokhorenko



Translated from French by Tom Winter

Inspired by the gesture of the Micheline and Jean-Claude Mague, who offered the family military decorations to the Russian soldier fallen near Palmyra, the Frenchman Daniel Couture follows their example. 

Daniel Couture, resident of the city of Adge, in the department of Herault, has sent the Legion of Honour that belonged to his father, a member of the Resistance, to the Russian Embassy in France.

 The Frenchman requested that the diplomatic representation hand this award to the family of Alexander Prokhorenko, who died a hero in Syria. In his message to the Russian ambassador to France Alexander Orlov, Daniel Couture, 80, said that by this action he wanted to pay tribute to the Russian officer who had given his life to fulfill his military duty in Syria in the name the common liberty, Russian media reported .

In his letter, Mr Couture deemed that Alexander Prokhorenko was defending the Russians, the French, and the citizens of all other countries facing the terrorist threat, asking the ambassador to convey to the family of the deceased officer that we, in France, share their sorrow.

Daniel Couture also mentioned that he fully supported Jean-Claude and Micheline Mague in their gesture and he would like it if the President of the Republic also took the decision to decorate the deceased Russian officer. Mr. Couture has stressed that he also offered this award in gratitude to the Russian people, people who had brought their decisive contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. And to clarify that his own father, Maurice Couture, fell in May 1940 defending his homeland just at the beginning of the struggle against Hitler’s Nazism.

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Recall that on April 20, the Russian representation in Paris announced that the Magues, a couple of the city of Florensac in the Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées, awarded the medals of World War II won by members of their family to the widow and parents of young Russian officer Alexander Prokhorenko, who died a hero in the liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra. 

Alexander Prokhorenko, 25, was married and expecting the birth of his first child. He was one of the best Russian military’s Special Operations Service. Near Palmyra, the young man was responsible for defining terrorist ground targets for the Russian fighter planes.

Encircled by terrorists March 17, 2016, he made a decision that one does note learn in the military. Alexander Prokhorenko demanded an aerial bombardment on his own position. The strike was carried out and the terrorists were eliminated. 

Thursday, April 28, the body of the officer was transported to Moscow. The Defense Ministry said Alexander Prokhorenko will be buried a hero on May 6 in his native village of Gorodki (Orenburg region).

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