An Illustration of UAF Psychological Projection

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th April, 2016

Notice how Russia is firing Grads at Donetsk, and the UAF are just innocent unarmed bystanders…

The information analysis center of the National Security Council and Defence of Ukraine (NSDC) has published on its website a map of the situation in the zone of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) on Monday, April 18th.

[NSDC is a lot like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – a lying NGO. Strangely, all the articles on the NSDC website seem to feature Turchynov – O.R] 

According to the data specified on the report, the fighters fired at the Lugansk direction near Sokolnikov, Troitsky and Popasna. In the Donetsk direction – Svitlodarsk, areas near Gorlovka, Zaytsevo, Avdiivka, Pesky, Krasnohorivka, Marinka, and Dokuchaievsk.

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[So we can deduce from this that the UAF have been firing at all of these places – thanks for the confession guys! – O.R]

In the Mariupol direction, fighters fired at areas near Starohnativka and Shirokino.

Note that in the past 79 days, fighters repeatedly opened fire along the whole front line, in Mayorsk experienced fighters fired from infantry fighting vehicles, and used ATGM near Lebedinsky.

[ATGM? That implies UAF tanks were within range? – O.R]

Earlier, the press center reported that the situation in the ATO zone in comparison with the previous days had stabilized somewhat, fighters during the Sunday, April 17th, fired on the positions of Ukrainian troops in Donbass 21 times.

[Yes, and all 21 times were unprovoked, of course! – O.R]

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