An Open Letter to the Women and Mothers of Azerbaijan


April 17, 2016

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

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The reason for our letter to you was, of course, the tragic events of recent days. The hearts of the Armenian mothers, women, and youth are full of conflicting feelings…

On the one hand it is a pride for the courage and bravery of our soldiers and the pain of losing a dozen of the victims of the Armenian sons, on the other – compassion to thousands of Azerbaijani families, the death of whose members is the result of the incompetent policies of the Aliyev Sultanate.

Eastern wisdom says: “those planning for war will fall into their own nets”.

The results of four years of war of 1991-1994 and the current April four-day large-scale military adventure – is direct proof of that.

One thing is unclear: are hundreds of Azerbaijani, Turkish, and other unknown military corpses left on the battlefield an insufficient lesson for those who rush to seize another nation’s land, and then beg for a truce?

The position of women in Azerbaijan, with whom we sincerely sympathize in connection with irreplaceable loss, is incomprehensible to us. How can you so easily watch as your children become vampires? How can you consider human those who defile the dead bodies, fighting with the defenseless body of a rural elderly woman or yesterday’s school kid? Is it possible to be proud of being mothers of such monsters?

War is a horrible disease, and barbarism. We do not want the senseless death of innocent people, but protecting your house, your honor, forces us to draw our sword from its sheath. Having children, we foster positivity and peace in their souls, because we understand that hatred and evil will boomerang back to us.

Sure, in Azerbaijan there are many civilized, reasonable people who understand that “Rebellious Karabakh”, which declared Independence 25 years ago, is impossible to pacify, to privatize or destroy with any weapon on death.

It should be clear that we may not agree on the third truce under pressure of external forces…

We urge you, women, mothers, and the youth of Azerbaijan, to live and create, and those who for the sake of political ambition and oil money destroy innocent people, including their own people, should immediately be held accountable. The second Nuremberg trial awaits them.

Invite all brave people to stand up for the peaceful settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. We women are ready to sit down at the negotiating table and to fight for the lives of children on both sides of the conflict in a motherly way.

14.04.2016 Stepanakert


1. Chairman of the NKR non-governmental organizations “Motherhood”: Hasmik Mikayelyan

2. The Chairman of the NGO “the relatives of the missing” NKR: Vera Grigoryan 

3. Deputy Chairman of “Union of the fallen freedom fighters (liberators)” of the NKR: Arfic Altunyan

4. Deputy Chairman of the NGO refugees of the NKR: Ruzanna Avagyan

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