Czech Republic and Slovakia reject offer of US military bases

US paratroopers in Lithuania

“I can not imagine foreign soldiers in their own bases in our country”

Der Spiegel, April 4, 2016
Translated from German by Tom Winter

The new US security plan for Eastern Europe got nowhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Both countries reject the stationing of US troops – albeit for different reasons.

Prague: The Czech Republic and Slovakia have rejected the stationing of NATO troops offered by US President Barack Obama. 

“I can not imagine foreign soldiers in their own bases in our country,” the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Wednesday. Fico said that since the 1968 invasion by Soviet troops, there are special sensitivities in Slovakia.

The Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has rejected the stationing of US troops. “The Czech Republic is not among the countries calling for a strengthening of NATO forces in Europe,” the Social Democrat announced through his press secretary on Tuesday during a visit to Vienna. “The security situation does not require it.”

The Czech Christian Democrat coalition partnership KDU-CSL criticized Sobotka’s decision as “unacceptable and irresponsible.”

Obama announced on Tuesday an offer of support for those Eastern European member states in the military alliance, who felt threatened by the Ukraine crisis in Russia. This would include the presence of US troops in Europe as reviewed “in light of new security challenges.” Up to a billion dollars (735 million euros) will be made available for the augmented military presence on the continent.
Translator comment: The Velvet Divorce of ’93 was a model for the world for the cause of Self Determination, and now the leadership of Slovakia and the Czech Republic are models for an independent Europe! They remind one of DeGaulle. My hat is off!

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