First Batch of S-300 Has Been Delivered to Iran

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for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear


The Russian
side has undertaken the delivery of the first batch of S-300 air defense systems to
Iran, said the representative of Iranian Foreign Ministry Hossein Jaberi Ansari
on Monday. He also said that the delivery was carried out through the Caspian Sea.

have announced that, despite some changes to the timing of the delivery, the deal is in
progress, and today I can announce that the first of this batch of equipment
has arrived in Iran and the delivery of other parts continues,” — quotes the
Iranian news Agency “Mehr”.

A source in
the structures associated with the export of arms confirmed the dispatch:
“We have started the practical implementation of the Iranian contract, the
first batch of S-300 systems has been shipped to the customer”. The source
did not specify how many of the systems have been shipped, but noted that by
the end of 2016 the contract is scheduled to be fulfilled.

Earlier it
was reported that Tehran will withdraw the lawsuit for failure to comply with
the previous contract for delivery of S-300 PMU1, which was unilaterally
cancelled by the Russian Federation, and advance payments were returned to

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The 2007 contract

We are talking
about the contract that Moscow and Tehran signed to supply five battalions of
S-300 PMU1 systems in 2007. In 2010, after the adoption of UN Security Council
ban on the sale or transfer of heavy weapons to Iran, Russian President Dmitry
Medvedev rebuked the supply of modern weapons to Iran. The deal was cancelled, and the
advance was returned to Iran and the SAM systems meant for Iranian military
were scrapped. Iran, in response, filed a lawsuit against
“Rosoboronexport” (they signed the contract) to the amount of about
$4 billion.

In February,
in an interview to “Interfax”, the assistant to the President of the
Russian Federation on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said that
Iran is interested in new supplies of the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile

On the
implementation of the present contract to supply Tehran with the s-300 systems, Kozhin
said: “the contract was implemented, funds are being transferred. We are clearly following the procedure of the contract. Iran is refining its nuances, as are we with ours. The first batch is ready. Technical procedures are taking place”.

Kozhin said
that Russia is negotiating with Iran on the supply of defensive weapons
systems, and also preparing to develop cooperation in the military technology
sphere, when all restrictions against Tehran will be lifted. “We are in serious
negotiations with Iran within the framework of what was permitted. It is a
defensive system. The S-300 system is a prime example”  — he said.

is our very important partner, it has a very high demand in virtually all
weapons systems. Very many of them are in need of replacement, and Iran is set
to do it,” — said Kozhin.

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