Former US Ambassador: The West is on the Verge of Turning Away From Ukraine


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th April, 2016


If the Ukrainian government does not begin to carry out reforms, the West will simply turn away from Ukraine. This warning was voiced by Steven Pifer, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine.

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“If you’ll be engaged in political games instead of reforms, we can be in a situation where the West will turn away from you. We hope that the new government will work, it must do it quickly, otherwise there is a risk that the West’s patience will run out, as it is not unlimited, ” said the diplomat.

He also noted that the United States will continue to help Ukraine, but the Ukrainian authorities should make substantial efforts for reform.

“The question arises, what kind of Ukraine will the new American President see in 9 months? If it is this Ukraine, embroiled in a political crisis without reforms, it will be tempting to say let the Europeans work it out with Ukraine,” said the former Ambassador.

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